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Code of the Savages' combat system has been completely overhauled. The developer has made the demo public with a free download.

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Hi All, HUGE update. There is a lot to talk about, but I'll start with the combat system.

Download the demo here

Combat System

The removal of the scroll wheel actions in the last update has paved the way for the combat system overhaul. I feel a bit like a creative roadblock has finally been lifted, and it's a good feeling.

I left the combat system in a state limbo for a long time while I worked on other parts of the game... simply because I couldn't think of a way to make it work with the scroll wheel actions... Sometimes the solution is staring you right in the face - scroll wheel actions gutted.

Previously, the combat system was dull and tedious, but I have gotten it to the point now where I can finally say I'm happy with it. It of course needs refinement and feedback, but feel a lot better about it.

The combat system now functions a little bit like Ultima Online with a dash of Ultima 7 thrown in (without U7's famous "double-click->bad-guy-dead" lack of control).

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Combat Mode

Combat now works by entering combat mode. As the name implies, being in combat mode enables you to attack things. When in Combat mode double clicking an NPC will attack them instead of talking to them. The cursor will turn red and the players weapon, shield and helm will be equipped and show on the player avatar. I've also created extra shield and weapon sprites that show on the players back. Enter combat mode by hitting CTRL or clicking the new combat mode button on the sidebar.

Toggling combat mode


I've added sound effects, camera shake, and an improved knockback effect to make combat feel more satisfying. I'd love to get some feedback on how this feels to you as a player.


Now, instead of having to double-click a target each time you want to swing, you simple double-click once. It then continuously swings/fires automatically while/when in range. An animated arrow appears on top of the targeted NPC.

Targeting system

Ranged weapons

Ranged weapons have been completely overhauled. In fact they were pretty damn broken in the previous version.

Ranged weapons now have a load/powerup time before they can be fired. They are then fired automatically when in range of the target. The shot is cancelled if the player moves. I've added a bow pullback animation.

This still has to be tweaked. I need to get the balance right to ensure ranged weapons are not too over powered, while ensuring they are not inferior to melee weapons, and thus never used by the player... Right now I think they lean towards the latter, and I'd love to get your feedback on how they should be handled.

Test Island

I've setup an island for testing the combat system and other aspects of the game. It's a microcosm of the full game. You can still get to Penthos by going through the teleporter. Buy weapons and armour from the blacksmith.

Sidebar update

I've updated the sidebar to make it easier to know where to place items.

Demo download

I'm making this demo available to everyone as I need lots of feedback.

You can download the demo right here.

Please send feedback in whatever way you find easiest. You can find all of my contact info and social media links on the official website www.codeofthesavage.com or just comment here.

Change log

  • Combat targeting system implemented
  • Overhaled ranged weapons
  • Added test island
  • Added NPC stats database
  • Added new MOB spawner
  • Old knockback effect removed
  • Camera shake added when hit
  • Added current NPC target indicator
  • Added NPC panic move script
  • Fixed not being able to drag items to inventory icon and player
  • Fixed close bag pause
  • Fixed cant pickup items in combat mode
  • Fixed give item script giving wrong amount
  • Added different shaped target boxes for larger NPCs
  • Fixed double-click set to target box and not NPC
  • Added only fires when stationary
  • Fixed ranged weapons not working
  • Fixed blood splatter not centering around target
  • Added innocent NPCs now panic or attack when attacked depending on their temperament
  • Added NPC battle and panic cries
  • Fixed missing and blocking attacks at the same time.
  • Fixed combat blocking
  • Added missiles only hit selected target
  • Fixed corpse drop location
  • Added combat blocked glint animation
  • Cleaned up the combat script
  • Added combat start/stop button
  • Added weapon, shield and helm only show in combat mode
  • Added weapon and shield sprites for when not in combat
  • Fixed being able to drop things behind sidebar
  • Fixed weapon depth draw on avatar
  • Fixed 1 handed and 2 handed items
  • Fixed firebomb alignment issue
  • Added and improved combat system
  • Fixed collision box for NPCs
  • Fixed hover text crash when hovering over object close to the screen edge
  • Fixed NPCs flying offscreen when changing move script
  • Fixed missing object error with NPC attack animation
  • Fixed teleporters not correctly freezing player
  • Added goblin hurt and death sound fx
  • Added bow pullback and fire sound fx
  • Added bow firing animation
  • Added brigand NPCs
  • Added sheep sound fx
  • Added/updated wolf sound fx
  • Fixed miscategorized Chain leggings
  • Fixed crash if insect swarm kills NPC
  • Fixed crash if corpse decays before you close the container
  • Fixed health bar crash after re-entering teleporter
  • Fixed freezing after spell targeted
  • Fixed spells double casting
  • Fixed spells not working in combat mode
  • Fixed spell cursor animation in combat mode
  • Fixed Cursor not showing blue on neutral
  • Added icons to slots on sidebar
  • Removed the fist icon from the sidebar when no weapon equipped

Bugs that I know about

  • Pretty much any bug related to the shop. I patched up the shop so that it's usable for the purpose of this demo, but I will scraping it and creating a new shop system soon
  • Save/load not working - disabled for the demo
  • I am aware that many of the spells in the spell book don't do anything yet
  • I know that trees will flicker at the bottom of the screen
  • I know that grass and other foliage sometimes show on the wrong depth

Thanks everyone! enjoy the demo



I love the style!

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