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Face over 60 new challenges and earn exciting rewards with the newest update to the Deeds system.

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Deeds Update

Greetings Viceroys!

Today we've got something special for the fans of number 14 - it's the Update 14 aka the Deeds Update! Here's what's new:

  • 60 new Deeds
  • 10 new Decorations
  • 8 new Cornerstones
  • New trader: Xiadani Stormfeather
  • 4 new Embark Bonuses
  • and more!

Also, don't miss our latest devlog in which we shared the previews of the interface improvements: Devlog - Updated UI preview and Deeds Update teaser.

If you've been enjoying Against the Storm, you can do us a huge favor by reviewing the game on Metacritic.

New to Against the Storm?


We’re in the middle of the Phase of the Citadel, and the entire team is working hard on the biggest feature of this part of the roadmap – the World Map revamp (which also includes Trade Routes and Factions). Unfortunately, we’re still not ready to show anything, so in the meantime, we bring you another long-awaited update – a refresh to the Deeds.

A few months back we asked you about new Deeds you would like to see in the game, and if any existing objectives were too boring or difficult to complete. Based on the feedback and inspiration we got from you, we added 60 new Deeds in this update, revamped the whole Deed UI, removed some of the old Deeds, and increased the number of rewards. We also decided to remove World Phases, as this was an old system designed to streamline content and difficulty on the World Map but based on previous updates (like the difficulty selection in the Embark Window), and what’s coming in the future (a complete World Map revamp), it lost its purpose and only limited us in terms of adding new content.

Deeds 16 9

Deeds window.

When it comes to new rewards from Deeds – we decided to add more than just new decorations this time. Now you can also unlock a few new Cornerstones, Embark Bonuses, and a brand new trader by completing Deeds. We also increased the amount of decoration in the game by 10 (making it a grand total of 24). Expect even more rewards in the future, as we expand the Deeds system further.

Last but not least – we also bring you a few smaller UI changes, some UX improvements, and bug fixes. We know that the last update stirred a lot of controversy about the direction in which the interface was going, but rest assured, behind the scenes we are working hard on bringing back the feel of the old UI without sacrificing the clarity of the new one (you can see a small preview in the teaser published a few days ago). You can expect a more substantial UI change in the next update in May. And here’s one new preview of the bottom HUD:

Bottom HUD preview

Bottom HUD preview (coming in a future update).

Enjoy the new additions to Against the Storm, and as always, feel free to share your feedback on our Discord server or using the official feedback tool.

New decorations.

Now, enjoy the new update and let us know what you think!

May the storm be gentle on you,
Eremite Games team

New decorations in the settlement.

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