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Upcoming map for Deck RX! Our Open Dev Access backers on kickstarter will be able to play this map before anyone else!

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Today we officially announce the second map of Deck RX, The Wastesands (Temporary name)

The Wastesands will be the second map available for the Deck RX demo and backers who have Open Dev Access as a reward in their pledge tiers (Gold and above) will be able to ride this map soon. Here you have an early render of the map’s background as a 3D concept.

DESIERTO steam 4mb 1

The Wastesands is a desertic industrial area far away from the solar system, desolated by high temperatures and full of tunnels through which the race will take place. These tunnels will be the special mechanic of this second map (just as the mines will be in Deaf City after the release of Oraklos). In these tunnels you will have no vision of your pilot or surroundings. Just like you, the enemies will also lose their sight... all except one, the special enemy for The Wastesands (which is in development) that will anchor itself to the tunnel walls ready to ambush the racers that are approaching.

Some of you may have already seen the design of this map, our lead artist Ulises developed part of it livestreaming on his twitch channel. And those of you who haven't seen it there... maybe those ancient giant mech scraps…

RUSTY steam 4mb 1

As I said, this will officially become part of Deck RX in the next weeks and backers with Open Dev Access will be the first players to ride the second map of the Deck RX adventure!

So... why not consider increasing your pledge? Nah, just kidding… unless...

Thank you guys for all the love you show to the Deck RX campaign. We have already passed the 50% of the total goal and we are so happy with how things are going with Deck RX!

Stay tuned for upcoming updates and thanks for reading!

See you soon!


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