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Post news RSS December 2012 : The final Update

Finally the projects complete, after all the wait and all the development the final HD release of the Limit Release OVA is avalible to view on youtube!

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Well, we are finally here.

Opening statement

We`ve reached the end finally after such a long time, so many set backs, so many changes in idea, so many times other things have gotten in the way weather it be moving half way across a country, or working in one of the 3 largest video game companys in the industry as a QA tester, we finally made it.

I say "we" because I started out this journey alone, back in 2010 and I didnt expect the reaction I got. I started out a small project idea to push myself to my limits and go beyond what I already knew, to test myself and to be able to create something that dwarfed my previous projects and the most important aspect was that I would do it all on my own, unlike before where I had a team of people I had recruited to help me do various things I couldnt on my own, this was a test of my determination and enthusiasm and its paid off.

By the end of this project "we" have come so far, I feel like this community I have built around this project is one of the driving forces behind the project, you`ve been very vocal about certain problems and things you didnt want, and been very supportive about what you have enjoyed, you have`nt minded me when I have mixed certain parts together to form unqiue combos and there certainly hasnt been any fan outrage at what I have done, so I am pleased to have met so many supportive and nice people on this trip.

I just want to say thank you.

An artist is always his worst critic

At the end now when I watch the entire animation through, I can clearly see parts that are abit of a let down, and others that are fantastic, parts that I know I needed to improve but ended up taking the "Halo 2" approach of pushing the project out of the door otherwise it would never get done. And I am sure when you watch it, you will most likely find faults in it, weather it be certain scenes that dont contain enough movement, or certain scenes that look like the original trailers 2 years back that may look quite stiff and not as good as some of the other scenes, but there are scenes that are fantastic, the VOB scene that was redone I absolutely love, and the first person sequences too, so in the end I am happy with the over all result, after all this has been one big learning experience to help me improve and then use that knowledge to make better content in future so its all been worth it.

I have had alot of sleepless nights during this project, alot of times where I have worked like "Bungie" did on Halo 2, working into the mornings and evenings of next days without sleep, then falling asleep at my desk and waking up with a keyboard in the face, and then drinking coffee and going at it again trying to hammer out new animations and scenes in UDK, and let me tell you it was hard working in "Crunch" but it was worth it.

This project would have taken less time if it wasnt for all the personal problems I had along the way, the video games industry job that drained me of some of my enthusiasm cause I was focused on it more than development, and then of course the obvious sign of me burning out slowly after 2 years development which can be seen in the final fight scene sequence quite obviously.

Either way I am happy I made it to the end.

I am trying to upload this to moddb too to make sure it doesnt get deleted off the internet but I am having problems uploading it atm so its only avalible on youtube on my new page, the last one got deleted unfortunately, please enjoy the video how its ment to be viewed, full screen 720p, there will be a behind the scenes soon and a commentary video too to explain things in detail and show off how things where done, aswell as things appearing in the downloads section of the site that you might find good so keep an eye out :).

So... without any more delays, heres your final product, enjoy this ones on me :).



Hey its great to see that everything worked out for you Dave, Really enjoyed working with you and following your project from start to finish... if you ever need help or more voice acting (ill try to get a better room and equipment from my school next time)

I'll always be willing to lend a hand :D

Also, if you need some extra help setting the scenes up in UDK i can always lend you some advice/help


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Was good I liked it

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I hope you didnt make the music...

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