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Deadlock version 0.4.10 is online and available to all Spearheads, Frontliners and Vanguards.

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Deadlock version 0.4.10 is online and available to all Spearheads, Frontliners and Vanguards. Remember that you can get access to Deadlock and help speed-up the development of Interstellar Marines by upgrading your profile in our store: Click here to enter our store

Click here to access Deadlock

Since last week's update we've been working on finishing the first iteration of a basic team deathmatch game mode that aims to add a bit more purpose to the (still) crude gameplay. This has helped us flesh out some of the systems that we will need, for when we start developing on the more innovative game ideas that we have.

On top of that we've made a bunch of fixes all around, including a new playground scene sporting the OPD-3A Megalodon dropship inside Hangar A. The map is setup to simulate a power sequence ranging from normal operation to alarm and (of course) with fully destructible lighting.

We have also tweaked the size of the Marine and the 3p flashlight and laser effects, as well as a general update to the UI, intro cinematic and the different maps.

As always, please give us your unfiltered feedback and suggestions below. :)


New Features:

- Team Deathmatch: Added a basic Team Deathmatch game mode that auto-assigns players to one of two teams (Delta or Gamma) upon connection

- Megalodon Playground: Added a new playground scene sporting the Megalodon dropship and with a dynamic power sequence and a fully destructible light setup

- Open Door Development: Added a new Open Door Development warning at game startup


- Marine: Increased the marine height to approximately 2 meter (was 1.8m)

- Marine: Removed the light cone from 3p flashlights

- Marine: Updated the 3p laser line to be more transparent

- Audio: Added support for global reverb zones (active when no local zones are triggered)

- Audio: Updated all maps with global reverb zones

- UI: Updated so the "press space" text is displayed automatically at end of intro cinematic

- UI: Removed watermark overlay from intro cinematic

- UI: Updated so [U], only toggles help text on/off in-game

- UI: Updated so [LMB] / [SPACE] can be used interchangeably where "press SPACE" is used

- UI: Updated "names" UI with team styling

- UI: Updated menu thumbnails

- UI: Removed obsolete "Toggle" text from all keys in UI help

- TDM: Added support for team-based spawn points

- TDM: Added auto-assignment of players to team on connection

- Graphics: Added camera surveillance overlay to intro cameras in "Dreamland"

- Engine: Updated the project to Unity 4.1


- Marine: Fixed marine possession bug when connecting to a server where the round had ended

Known issues:

- The Chat and Names UI will fade weirdly when taking damage

- You can see your own name over your head

- The round timer gets out of synchronization when a client experience local OS "lag"

- Sometimes the shootable lights are not synchronized properly for newly connected clients

- Triple-clicking the fire button will trick the server into firing all your bullets (thanks Leowolf)

Key bindings:
- [TAB] or [P]: Settings
- [W]: Run forward
- [S]: Run backward
- [A]: Strafe left
- [D]: Strafe right
- [LMB]: Fire!
- [RMB]: Aim (hold)
- [R]: Reload
- [F]: Flashlight
- [G]: Laser
- [N]: Show names
- [K]: Suicide
- [U]: UI help
- [T]: Open chat window (press [RETURN] to exit)
- [1-6]: Image effects (on/off is visualized by small dots at the bottom center of the screen)

Maria, Kim, Mikael & Carsten

ApornasPlanet - - 4,131 comments

Isn't the latest version 4.11?

However nice to finally get an moddb update

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Mkilbride - - 2,785 comments

Oh wow.

I wish Interstellar could see some of the love that CU is getting on Kickstarter.

1 week in, we're @ 1,000,000 or 2,000,000, with no stretch goals announced yet!

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ZPSBozar Author
ZPSBozar - - 5 comments

Hi guys. We actually got a newer update that I am going to post today. It takes a 1 or 2 for indieDB to approve the article.

But you can expect more updates from us on indiedb ;-)

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