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In our ongoing quest for true multiplayer immersion we bring you Deadlock 0.3.0 which primarily consist of a kill and be killed game loop. Join the servers, battle your fellow marines and experience the continuous iterations of what we are trying to achieve with Interstellar Marines.

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Mission Summary

Deadlock version 0.3.0 is online and available to all Spearheads and Frontliners. This version continues our commitment to Open Door Development which provides access to Deadlock, while it’s being developed. Remember that you can get access to Deadlock as well as support the development of Interstellar Marines by upgrading your profile to Spearhead or Frontliner in our [Shop]

This update includes, among other things, the ability to shoot each other in multiplayer, new dynamic weather/game modes, new impact effects and lit particles system and weapon aiming with RDS (Red Dot Scope). Watch the video and read on for a detailed changelog.

"Deadlock 0.3.0" - Video Log
20Mbit WMV 720p Video available in Briefing Room

Video Log with a few selected highlights from the Deadlock 0.3.0 release!

Click to access Deadlock 0.3.0


  • ADDED: Marine damage system (early iteration - 3 shots to die!)
  • ADDED: Marine death & respawning (‘K’ to suicide)
  • ADDED: Weapon consumes ammo (Ammo counter in bottom center of screen. Automatic unlimited reloads when depleted.)
  • ADDED: ‘Warzone’ weather mode
  • ADDED: Weapon aiming (early iteration - Hold Right Mouse Button)
  • ADDED: Lit particles support
  • ADDED: Network support to Lights (‘E’ to toggle on Playground)
  • UPDATED: Divided world/character/helmet rendering into multiple compositing cameras
  • UPDATED: Mainline with a performance overhaul
  • UPDATED: Dynamic weather system and modes
  • UPDATED: Weapon firing loop tech & sounds (1p and 3p)
  • UPDATED: Impact effects for all physical materials on Mainline
  • UPDATED: Stabilization of marine animations for a steadier camera
  • FIXED: 1p character mesh flickering when looking down
  • FIXED: 3p Marine “floats” above the ground

Next objective

This next (short) sprint we will mostly be looking at updating Deadlock to Unity 3.5, cleanup the project, update our deployment pipeline, and hopefully add a few new cool things in-between.

Known Issues

  • Once in a while a marine will spawn without a weapon in hand and other clients won’t see his movements. The only fix to this is to reconnect to the server.
  • If chat can’t be toggled with ‘T’ it can be due to using the development version of the Unity webplayer. Install the latest official webplayer.

Community stats:

  • Registered members: 156,447
  • Spearheads: 2,464
  • Frontliners: 222
  • Support Medals owned: 13,294

Your team at Zero Point Software


making great progress, keep it up :)

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All the links in this article give me a 404 on IndieDB, I want my new Deadlock!

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