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Patch 1.1.0 Update: New gamemode random map survival with perlin noise and more...

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Deadbuild Devblog #01 - Searching testers!

Hello all!

I decided to do my first "devblog" post while the newest patch is still under construction.
It will patch deadbuild to version 1.1.0 and it will be the biggest update since launch.
If you are interested of testing it, please leave me a message and I can give you a beta build.
I need your toughts about balance of the new gamemode and possible bug reports.

I also added deadbuild to Gamejolt.com
Check it out if you still have not it's great website.

New Gamemode

So lets go to the business. New gamemode will be Random map survival.
It's more like a normal towerdefence, with only goal to survive.
Max days will be 50, you win if you can survive that.

Making Random map survial

I use Perlin noise to create "islands" of trees and around that everything else.
I used this awesome tutorial Float4x4.net
And I modified it a bit to get faster and better results in my case for 2D array.

Perlin noise 512x512 and scaled down to 40x40

Basically all highnumbers are transformed to trees, and added some rocks and berrybushes to near start location and randomly around the map
And cleared then the starting square from nature and added some flowers & pretty stuff to empty spots.

Noise just integrated to deadbuild.

Made some sence about the numbers and added rocks, berries, flowers etc.

My plans are also to create desert- and snow areas what would generate a bit different maps.

What else

There are some changes what also affect the campaing.
Like I found a bug on A* algorith now if villager is in small closed area
he won't bug out anymore so much.

Buildings now show hp bar when damaged, monsters now correctly break everything if path is blocked.

Better not block them or you lose buildings

I hope you enjoy db!

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