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We are excited to get community response to what we have so far so we can start to steer the direction of the game's progress.

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Our 5th Game Released on IndieDB!

About the Game

Dead Rim is an open world sandbox voxel game set in fantasy medieval times. The world is procedurally generated and comes with over 100 different Biomes in it's current state. You are guaranteed to stumble across extremely unique zones. Every "Rock, Tree, Structure, Grass, Flower, Creature, Item, Mountain, Castle, Cave, NPC and Biome", is randomly generated and most are destructible.

  • An adventure focused on the immersion of exploration and discovery.
  • Evolve your character skills & abilities to your desire.
  • Biomes, monsters, chests and destruction drop materials to create armor, weapons, potions, scrolls and more including mounts & structures.
  • Extremely dynamic cosmetic character creation controlling everything from height to facial structure.
  • Multiplayer options include, hosting your own dedicated server or join an existing one.
  • Create and use a variety of mounts.


Gameplay in Dead Rim is fairly unique considering the amount of options and things to do while you are playing. From travelling extreme distances through arid deserts or snowy mountains, each randomly generated area produces a plethora of unique content to that specific zone.

More than likely you will not run into an area that another player has ever experienced or explored before. Everything from the towns to the trees are all in play when it comes to being and existing in the randomized world.

Running around and adventuring consists of either paying attention to details or letting the world happen around you while you go on a long journey, battling your way through the environment. A typical journey for a single play session, if you desired to just simply run unexplored areas in a single direction, may net you about 40 kilometers of distance in a 4 - 6 hour period.

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The World

With 266,000 square kilometers to play with on each map, every world has something unique to offer and gameplay like no other. There are 4,294,967,295 different maps available.

16 Kilometer View Distance

At any time, you have the ability to see up to 16km in any direction. The large mountain ranges you see in the distance, are actually HUGE mountain ranges in the distance. There is no fake skyline, there is no skybox showing you land that you can't access. But be aware, running or riding the 16km to a large mountain range, is not going to be an easy task. Apart from the length of time and the distance to travel, there may be many obstacles along the way. But once you reach that mountain top, you may want to consider setting up a base camp with a zip line, then pulling out one of your well designed mount contraptions, jump on board, and let physics take over while you barrel down the large mountain destroying objects along the way.

Randomized Everything

When we say the world is completely dynamic, we mean it! There should never be any 2 places alike in Dead Rim. For one player, he might experience a vast open desert area with very few villages, where another player might experience rustling and bustling medieval cities complete with large randomly generated castles.

Environment Destruction

Often times you will find objects placed in the world, such as a wheel barrow. If this object is destroyed, it will be gone forever. This is true for anything in Dead Rim. Any tree, any building, any object that you find in the open world can be removed and destroyed, and in many cases, won't come back.

Using this method, you can clean up the general vicintiy around where you want to place your base camp. Or you may want to keep the items there along with your base camp, it's up to you. A good method for collecting large amounts of resources would be to go on an expedition, and break down whatever you can find. Be aware, that not all objects can be broken down to their core components with just anything. Several tools must be acquired before breaking down certain items.

Weather & Time Systems

The weather environments in Dead Rim may be rough, or they may be easy. There is a full calendar system to simulate different climate conditions for different times of the year as well as a daily clock. Biomes might have a specific climate associated with them, or a randomly generated climate. In some cases, the weather affects your ability to do certain things or affects your stats like health.



















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