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First day after the initial alpha build, fixed up quite a few bugs. Here's what's in the 0.0.2 patch.

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So, forgive me, I'm honestly not entirely sure how devlog/diary entries are typically formatted or how much information I'm expected to give, but some necessary updates and changes (some massive oversights by me!) rolled out corrections today.

  • Makes it possible to test Dizzy, Bad Joke, and Swan Song
  • Lady’s features improved (door functionality)
  • RVO Avoidance Added
  • Level Bug preventing using some key features fixed
  • Dizzy was super goofed up, fixed, added sleep and wake anims
  • Ashes should stop being weirdly tiny and attack proper
  • Morgan’s cam noises should not trigger when she’s absent in the level
  • Morgan now correctly attacks on the left side
  • Rotten now has an audio cue to inform you if you’re looking at him in the darkness
  • It should be much easier to tell who has murdered you
  • Adjusted Ashes' nav size so he'd get stuck less
  • At least 10+ other tiny fidgety things I currently forget

Ideally this will be sent out before bed - it's packaging at the moment. Again. I do have this odd issue where I need to rebuild nav every time I make any edits to anything now - at least before I package or build it, it won't transfer the nav meshes if I don't.


See you tomorrow!

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