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Dawn of the Mexica gameplay trailer and Steam webpage has been released.

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Dawn of the Mexica gameplay trailer and Steam webpage has been just released!


Dawn of the Mexica is a challenging "true roguelike" videogame set in the Valley of Mexico in the XVI Century.

It features an extremely complex and realistic turn-based gameplay in which tactical thinking is essential to advance.

The setting is deeply researched (the mexica background isn't "aesthetic"): Weapons, armor, clothing and items from that era.


* Pure turn-based roguelike with procedural level generation (different every game!) and character permadeath.

* Colored dynamic lighting. Light and shadows are essential in this sunless world.

* Extremely complex and realistic combat system. Every weapon and armor type combination is taken into account. There's more than a thousand detailed critical effects: Every part of your body can be injured or broken, burn and freeze. You can become blind. Or deaf. You may bleed, become stunned, knocked out...

* Complex character sheet with 9 stats, 12 Character classes, more than a hundred spells and more than 40 skills to choose from as you level up.

* Friendly and intuitive interface. You can fully enjoy the game either with mouse or keyboard.

* Weather/survival system. Even a torch may change temperature around you. Be careful not to freeze nor faint from the heat!

* Deeply researched. You won't find "ooparts". The mexica background is not "aesthetic". Weapons, armor, clothing and items from that era are recreated as faithfully as historical data allows.

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