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Hello Ppl, fellow developers and gamers. We are posting our first news about our development. We will update here as we go, and hopefully get some supporters.. Development is not an easy task, but it is easier than posting news :)

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Hello ppl, we will try to update news as soon as we can.. Here is our first post.. be gentle :)

We will push out new updates as soon as we can, after a hard day’s work, or weeks
work, reaching a milestone, the hardest thing to do for us is to make a new
video or a feature text update, so please hold on, the stuff that you read here
are a week old news for us :)

Right now, we made our first dynamic feature, to allow users to create their own
spaces, (folders) we spent a whole lot of time working on shell and now the fun begins next we are creating dynamic icons, so you can put your own troughout the world.
Some of the folks have our pre alpha,
and the icons there are hardcoded, in a month we will enable full customisation of the world as you see fit, with folders that you like and icons that you use.

We are leaving out features to create space from any folder or to create a new empty one, we will get back to it later.

Also we are constantly making new icons, sofar we have around 1000 of them, and pushing out more every day.. Imagine the work there, our Jamaican friend is working on it, night and day so give the guy a thumbs up :)

And after all that is finished, we need to integrate the saving option, to save the world that you created. All the icons and spaces that you create will be lost when you exit for now.
We might just be brave enough to call that an alpha, when we finish with saving positions, creating spaces from anything, and creating new spaces as new folders. Also icons from anything..

It want happen anytime soon, But stick around, we will update as we progress.
In a month or so, we will have more to show :)

Thank you for reading, and support us if you like it!

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