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A brief overview of the current state of the game.

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Greetings folks!

My name is François (simply call me Frank) and I am the lead developer of Becoming Captain.
Our team, Le Havre Creation, is made of four talented people that work tirelessly on this project to make it as wonderful as can be. So, today I am here on behalf of the team to tell you what is the current state of Becoming Captain, where we are currently and where we are heading.

So, let's dive right in!

We have been working on Becoming Captain (BC) for the last two years before posting anything here on Indie DB. The game is currently in an odd state where most of the pieces are falling into places and where we can't make anybody play it... but we know it is nearly working. The last two years have been rough, but also exciting and really delightful! We sure learned a lot while developing this game!

The major hurdle was the IA for the combat system. This is where most of the coding time went. Last winter, we succeeded in producing a playable prototype, but we decided to make a V.2 of our IA so that everything is more fluid and dynamic for the players. This V.2 is nearly finished and when it will be, we will be putting everything back together with our new artworks and assemble another playable version.

We are really close to make you test this game!

We are so glad to finally show some bits and pieces of our work to you folks! It has been an adventure and there is still a lot of work to be done!

So now, folks, do you have any question about what is our game and what it will become?
Don't be shy! :)

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