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After one month of hard work it's time to post about the current progress of the game.

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After a whole month of work this is everything that has been done:

  • New Zombie AI(coded from scratch)
  • New Enemy Spawner(coded from scratch)
  • Large improvements in the guns aspects
  • New Weapon Sway(coded from scratch)
  • New Weapon Manager(coded from scratch)
  • New Main Menu
  • Multiplayer
  • Vehicles[WIP](Single-Player Only)
  • Melee System(it's ready but not yet implemented)
  • Basic crafting[WIP]
  • Weapon Tilt when going left and right
  • Bullet Shell Ejection
  • Smooth Mouse Movement
  • New item pick-up System(coded from scratch)

A lot of work has been put into the game and much more is coming soon. Here are some features that are currently been worked on:

  • Leaning System
  • New Movement System for the character(Single-Player Only)
  • New Day-Night Cycle System
  • Aiming Down The Sights
  • Making The AI Wander Around

This is everything for now. I hope that by March I will have every feature which is currently being worked on done and implemented in the game.
One last thing - From the end of 2013 I am the only one working on the game. I hope things work out this year and I somehow manage to get an alpha version done.

Next update will hopefully be next month.

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