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Our first dev blog for our new 3D tower defense game, Cube Shooty!

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Cube Shooty is a 3D Tower Defense and 3rd person shooter game. In Cube Shooty, players place towers and walls to redirect and defeat enemies as they try to make their way around the inside of a cube to their goal.

This week, our team has added quite a few new mechanics to Cube Shooty. These include reworking the player inventory, balancing the sound effects for a more comfortable experience, adding bug fixes and juice to the life bar, reworking the pathfinding algorithm, adding enemy waves, fixing a softlock bug in our pathfinding, and more! Our changes were based on extensive playtesting feedback from instructors and colleagues. There were a few main motivations for the changes we made. Many bug fixes have helped polish the gameplay experience. Similarly, life bar juice and improved sound make the game much more satisfying to play and draw the player's attention more to where the action is happening, which is important given the perspective from inside the cube. The changes to the pathfinding, player inventory, and spawning in waves create a much stronger sense of progression for the player, which is one of the key pieces of feedback we received in our playtesting.

Ultimately, that focus on progression and feel are where our game is headed. Our next set of changes include creating distinct levels with further inventory changes as the player progresses, adding some theming to create a juicier and more visually interesting game, and adding a HUD indicator for newly spawning waves that are off-screen to provide more player guidance and orientation. We believe that with these changes in place, our game will be in a state to focus on balancing and improving the overall experience with a sense of professionalism.

Play our demos here!

Windows Download

Mac Download

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