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In this blog entry we're reviewing another important aspect of the game: Industry!

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CryoFall Dev.Blog #10 - Industry

CryoFall development is progressing nicely as ever! So, this week, let's take a look at another point about the project. And specifically - the industrial aspect of it.

This is obviously directly related to crafting, as well as technology usage. And while we can't show you the multitude of planned features related to technology (electricity, transport network, communication network, etc.) what we can show is the crafting aspect of it.

So, here is an example of that:

As you can see, this is a general production pipeline for nitrocellulose (also called guncotton).

First, you need to find and mine pyrite ore. Then use special process to create sulfuric acid using chemical station.


Then combine that acid with potassium nitrate to distill it into nitric acid. And then use that acid on fibers to finally create nitrocellulose! The actual process involves a bit more ingredients and steps, but essentially this is how you would produce nitrocellulose to create your ammunition for firearms.


That's actually pretty close to how it would have been done in reality.


Obviously we are not aiming at 100% hard science here, but we want to give people a bit more than the ubiquitous "combine stone and a stick to get a stone axe" you see all to often in other games :)


Our approach here is to create meaningful technological trees where each player will be able to explore different areas of production and make something they feel would be most beneficial and interesting to them. This will be especially important on big servers where trade would be quite active. You will be able to sell your products to other players or join together and combine your efforts to achieve greater results.

We will probably return to that topic again later, when we can show you more of the technological mechanics of CryoFall. But for now - join us on the forums and let us know what you think about the approach we decided to take in regards to technology!

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