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This week Ian talks about some visual and game-feel oriented additions to Crimson Keep!

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Hey Yowl, Ian here. This week I focused on some visual FX, visual art, and game feel stuff. I started to take a hard look at the sounds we have, and they aren't lookin' too good, so I gathered up some free resources and started plugging a few of them in. It's funny how a few sounds can have such a big impact on how a game feels and plays. I've noticed this a fair bit when it comes to movies as well, like when you turn on a movie that you didn't really have any preconceived notion on, and then you notice cheap sounding music or sound design and you begin to realize you are watching a cheapo SciFi channel movie.

I also tried to refine animations a bit, and make the first person rig look a bit better, new texture, and better hand pose than before.

And I finally got around to adding an animation for the Pigman Warrior's Gorge ability, (where he consumes a nearby corpse to become more powerful). I think we still have a small issue with corpses, where when the body goes into ragdoll mode it can get away from the collider representing the corpse as a target for things like Gorge, so probably need to child that to the ragdoll?

And here's the weekly(ish) video depicting some of these changes:

Kark-Jocke - - 14,823 comments

Awesome! :D

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IanAtherton Author
IanAtherton - - 155 comments

Thanks Kark-Jocke!

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baszermaszer - - 446 comments

Ian, You can apply a thickness or a push modifier / armature on that hand mesh and export it to the game engine again to make it "puffed up" so it resembles a real-life hand better. Thicker fingers and the hand in leather or any armor should be more bulky.

It should make the player hand look more powerful, giving more player confidence and fun.

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IanAtherton Author
IanAtherton - - 155 comments

Thanks, I'll try that. Maybe this would also be an easy way to make a male/female variant of the hand. Or maybe they don't even need different hands...

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