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Bried description of your crew, how will the crew affects gameplay and more

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Most space ship games allow you to control your ship or a bunch of ships, recruit units without names that are used just to die in battle to accomplish your main objective and if lucky survive. To make a personalized story you need different characters and each of them with some back story that will make some impact on the gameplay, but I think giving the player the opportunity to get attached to specific characters through the game may bring a more memorable and personalized story. Initially I was thinking to just keep the space ship game moving around the ship only, and in a later version add the crew, but after a few hours of playing I couldn't find more ways to expand the universe without having characters attached, so decided to move the crew part into this phase of development.

So Junkcraft Armada will allow the player to have different crew members onboard the ship that will make it better or worse depending on the skills of each of the crew members, the captain rank can only be assigned to the player, and if the captain dies the game ends, simply said you are one of the characters and death is permanent, so be careful what you order crew members to do. Crew members can help fix other's ships by boarding and repairing the ship, can attack and board enemy ships, and in some cases they may become hostages if enemies are too smart or too strong for them, you decide their specialisations and how will they develop over time, and if lucky you may hear and do some missions based on their needs and development, more to come soon.

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