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This week we'll explore new obstacles to challenge the player, the concept of subsystems, and the hack&/ mini-games that allow the player to control these subsystems.

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What's being worked on for the next update?

The quests update will take some time before it's fully released. This update will add a lot of new features and content. It will be released in several parts over the next 4 to 6 months. Expect to see the first part released in the next 6 weeks or so. This dev diary series will be published weekly to keep you up-to-date on what's being developed.


The core action game loop for Crash Override pits the player against a horde of glitches (mainframe corruption) in an ever branching series of connected areas. The player can collect weapon program upgrades, and key resources (like RAM, Data, and CPU fragments) to progress more easily.

The variation of play for each area is mostly due to the 27 different types of glitches, upgrade / resource drops, and the area randomization.

With the quest update, we'll see more variation in obstacles that can challenge the player. Here are just a few:

  • Voids (Pits)
  • Rapid Unscheduled Deconstruction (Flying Debris)
  • Obfuscation (Hidden Pathways)
  • Patterns (Puzzles)
  • Localized Time Dilation (Area Slowdowns)
  • Observers (Security Cameras)
  • Fixed Sentries (Wall Turrets)
  • Quest Related Mini-Bosses
  • Enemy Wave Lockdowns
  • Tile Traps


Subsystems are a way for players to affect or control obstacles they may encounter by way of a hack&/ (pronounced: hack and slash). Not all obstacles can be affected in this way.

Hack&/ Mini-Games

When an area is trapped there may be an access terminal in the area or nearby. Some entity types, such as glitches, may also have a subsystem that allows an access interaction. The player can interact with these access points to engage the hack&/ protocol. Hack&/ mini-games will allow the player to commandeer a turret, disable a trap, or even take control of glitches directly. The player character's Engineering attribute will determine how easy the hack&/ mini-game will be.

Next Week

Next week's dev diary we'll discuss mainframe spaces, operator challenges, and 'frame themes.

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