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This week we discuss speed boosting, charge ups, camera cuts, and more enemy variety. Follow our dev diary series to learn about features and content to be released for the upcoming 'Quests Update'.

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What's being worked on for the next update?

The quests update will take some time before it's fully released. This update will add a lot of new features and content. It will be released in several parts over the next 4 to 6 months. Expect to see the first part released in the next 8 weeks or so. This dev diary series will be published weekly to keep you up-to-date on what's being developed.

Speed Boosts

Sometimes, in certain areas, there will be sections (indicated by arrows on the floor) where an avatar's movement will be accelerated. These boosts will allow the avatar to avoid danger, or cover bigger distances in a shorter time. This can be advantageous when trying to avoid a large AOE attack, or gaining distance from the ever-present crash wave.

Charge Ups

Each time a glitch is damaged by an avatar's attack a charge meter will fill. The charge meter represents the accumulated active code fragments gained from the glitches. This segmented meter will allow charge up effects based on what equipment chips the avatar has equipped. When an avatar is damaged the charge up meter is depleted.

There will be consumable items that fill the charge meter, and equipment that will give effects based on the number of segments charged. When an effect needs to consume a charge it reduces the charge up level accordingly.

This will be a risk reward mechanic where the player must decide if the risk of getting hit is worth it versus playing safe to preserve the avatar's charge up.

Camera Cuts

During a run on a mainframe a camera cut (and zoom) can occur to show special targets such as new enemy types, elite glitches, and important actions / items. These camera cuts (similar to bullet time where time is slowed down or stopped) will help to punctuate important events.

Glitch Variety

Glitches (basic enemy type) currently come in 9 different varieties (with 3 different sub-types each for a total of 27 overall types). Each type has its own basic stats and move set. Additional glitch types will be added along with a varied number of new game systems like elemental attacks (think rock-paper-scissors-Spock-lizard game mechanic), shields, critical attacks, etc.. These new game systems can also be area or CPU level based effects (more on this in a future dev diary).

Elite glitches will be an entirely new class of glitch. These will be much more robust and difficult to deal with. They will employ complex and patterned strategies when fighting the player. This is in contrast to the simple move to corrupt strategy of basic glitches.

With the new glitches will come greater area variety with larger hordes. Mainframe type will also affect the count and types encountered (more on this in a future dev diary).

Robot Y

Next Week

Next week's dev diary we'll discover the use of Data to do a "less-than-legal" run on an off-contract mainframe, and the in-game consequences of such an action.

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