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Surf the cybernet, gain reputation, and secure contracts from mainframe operators in this latest major expansion of gameplay.

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The 'Cybernet Update' is now available!

With the cybernet update you can now surf, and defend, dozens of different mainframes, or 'frames, connected to the 'net.

A virus is spreading between 'frames. Why these infections are happening is a mystery, but if not solved, has the potential to collapse the world's economic systems, or much worse.

Gain reputation among 'frame operators by derezzing infections. Use that reputation to secure contracts on new mainframes in the cybernet. If things get tough, proxies can be used to help stem the tide, if only for a short time.

This update lays the foundation for an expansion of the story and dialogue.

Crash Override is a randomly generated action shooter with roguelike mechanics. Surf the cybernet as a hacker for hire trying to save the cybernet from a mysterious threat. Power up before the crash wave erases everything. Gain reputation, secure contracts, salvage data, upgrade, and survive.

What's Next - Quests Update

The next major update will be the 'Quests Update'. The quests update will add; NPCs to meet in the cybernet, further expansion of the characters and story, new locations to mainframes, revamped weapon management, consumable items, wearable equipment, an expansion from low rezz to medium rezz gameplay, and many new challenges to overcome while trying to derezz the virus. This will be a big update.

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