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We have been working on a new map in the last couple of days! Have a look at the screenshots and let us know what do you think about them!

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Proud to give you the first sneak peak into a new map we have been working on the last few days!!

The map will consist of three levels, where the platform on the ground floor will have access tunnels on the sides of the map, and a central stair to reach the second level faster but in plain sigh of your enemies.

The lighting of the map is still a work in progress, but the map at least is well lit for now!

In this first screenshot, the entrance to the main hall from a narrow corridor is shown. On the left and right of the corridor, we can also see the access tunnels to other areas of the map. In the center of the picture we can also see the main chamber on the ground floor with the power source of the tombs.

First screen teaser for our new map!

This screen is placed from the 3rd level of the Clava Tombs map, and it is looking down to the bottom layers. On the top of the screen, you can see the energy beams lighting the level. The centerpiece looks even more sleek from up close and in great detail, which is the power source for the map. Lastly, a small sneak peak of the paint designs of the ground floor around the centerpiece.

Looking down from the 3rd level in our new map!

Screen of the tunnels that connect the different levels and a hovercraft can easily navigate through them. Additionally description is placed on the top of the access tunnel for convenience reasons ;)


New screenshot, looking at a different angle from the very first teaser screen. In this screen we can see that the access tunnels are light up representing which floor they are connected to either 1st or 2nd floor, since we are on the ground floor. Additionaly a sneak peak into one of the team's spawning point.


Update 16/07/2016, Ground floor in Clava Tombs from a wider perspective. Sneak peak of objects place on this level for cover and hiding spots.

Aerial view of the ground floor with environmental objects

Update 17/07/2016, A glimpse of how the ground floor was constructed before any environmental objects were placed for cover and evading enemy fire.

Ground floor before environmental objects

Update 17/07/2016, Second screenshot of the day, the second floor in Clava Tombs, our new map, from an aerial perspective.

Aerial view of the second floor in Clava Tombs

Update 18/07/2016, we have added a few environmental effects to give our map some character. We placed some exhaust grills where fog will ascend creating a rather smoky experience!

Ground floor in our new map with environmental effects

Lastly, we have four gameplay screenshots of our map Clava Tombs in comparison to a hovercraft. In the first screen the hovercraft is placed close to the spawning point and looking to the main hall on the ground floor.

Game play screenshot from the spawning point in Clava Tombs

In this second gameplay screenshot, we are at ground floor of Clava Tombs, at the main hall looking at the power source of the map.

Looking at the spawning point on the ground floor in the Clava Tombs map

In this third game play screenshot, we are positioned on the first level of the map looking towards the second level.

we are positioned on the first level of the map looking towards the second level

And lastly, the fourth game play screenshot from the ground floor of the Clava Tombs map, looking at first and second level and our updated center piece which is the power source of the map.

Looking at first and second level and our updated center piece which is the power source of the map

We really appreciate feeback on our concept, what you like or hate about our new map! You can also follow our blog for more updates on our game Crash Force here: Ascanioentertainment.com

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