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2013 was a huge year for Mojo Game Studios and Cradle. We've grown as a team, expanded our community outwards, and continued to pursue our passion. Here's a a review and how we became an upcoming Indie of the Year!

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Something happened this year that none of our team could have projected. But, for those that have followed Cradle's development in 2013, you know how much we've accomplished. Mojo values you in our community. Here's a review of our year!

Back in March we were able to attend the Game Developer's Conference. And literally, as the the taxi pulled up this early game-play (Pre-pre-alpha) trailer finished exporting and we were on our way.

At GDC we were obliged to meet up with Gaming Trend (article on their site) and they featured us!

The summer after GDC was imperative to the development of Cradle. Because most of our team is in school or has a day job, it enabled us to fully dive into development without distractions. GDC taught us a lot about the industry. We set realistic goals and defined the path we would need to take to reach these goals, and the stage the game needed to be in before moving forward. Now that we have laid the strong foundation for an epic game, it was time for people to know more about the game.

We figured out a more concise strategy of getting the game out there. Now this included using every social media we could, looking to other studios for inspiration, and constantly evolving our model. We knew that people wanted to connect with us because we had amazing content, we just did not realize how much connection we would make (Over 15,000+ people on Facebook). By using social media and staying active with the content we have, we were able to build a strong community, and now have a lot of support that's fueling our passion even further. If you use any social media, please outreach to us, we love communicating with gamers interested in Cradle.

Then like a snake in the grass it came. Nobody expected it, but BAM here we were pit right into the mix in the top 100 games of the year! This was incredible because it made us realize how important our community on Indie DB was. Because of the content the community had seen, it drove even more interested gamers to our game. We began seeing a huge increase in the amount of traffic to our site and realized a lot of people were voting for us. Even with such big names as options to vote for!

Article Here From Indie DB: 2013's Top 5 Upcoming Indie of The Year

Being in the top 5 for upcoming games, all from votes, and all from gamers was incredible. Our whole studio finally felt the reward of showing our progress on Cradle. And we will continue to strive for content the community will crave.

We really owe this one to you guys, and we want to sincerely say thank you for helping to drive our dream further. Please connect with us, talk to us, and be an active part of our community.

2013 has been a monumental year for us at Mojo, and we want to show you more in 2014.

Coming soon: Dev Diaries, introducing the team, more game-play videos, and a special annoucement regarding Kickstarter.

SPOILER: Forum's are going live for community members to join very soon, it's mostly been used as a hub for our team, but now we're going to open it up to you all.


The walking sound is WAY too loud. Amazing footage nontheless.

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MojoGameStudios Author

Apologies! Very early alpha footage! Thank you.

~ Moontan

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Is that original music in those videos?

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MojoGameStudios Author

Yes, the music is original. In the longer video our composer Marcus Zuhr. In the shorter videos a different team member whipped those up. Quite beautiful!

~ Moontan

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Nice that you have underwater swimming. You might wanna put explorable things at river/lake bottoms.

"fast-paced system for melee combat [..]
Cradle’s highly responsive attack and movement systems provide unprecedented control and fluidity in player movement and combat."

Curious. :)

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