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Post news RSS Coral: A Halo Fan Game - May 2020 Update

As a celebration for our three year anniversary of working on this project, we decided we'd let you all in on what's going to be happening with Coral: A Halo Fan Game, with much more to come in the future!

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Come watch the video on YouTube!

Extra details on certain topics:

In the video, the "wide range of weapons" is in reference to our new lineup of weapons that will be completely new to the Halo universe, while staying true to how weapons in the lore should function and handle. We will be keeping most of the classics, as expected, but we want to expand the sandbox ourselves a bit.

The Firefight modes are still being experimented with and are subject to change. We still plan on having the co-op capability across Flood and normal Firefight, adding in vehicles and weapons from our campaign mode that haven't been seen in previous titles.

The campaign is going to be based entirely on the planet Coral. Our goal is to tell a story set before the events of Combat Evolved to give this planet some much-needed attention.

The multiplayer modes will be experimented with and tested for some time, as we only started progress on this mode recently. Our progress has been moving rather quickly, but the focus is still currently on our campaign mode.

Keep up with future updates by checking us out on our media platforms!
Instagram: @coralgame
Discord: Discord.me

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