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Read all about Resort Boss: Golf's exciting new surprise update, including weather and a day and night cycle.

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Hello all,

Yesterday, we announced a roadmap for Resort Boss: Golf's Early Access updates for March - May.

The content listed in the roadmap for March, including new languages, a course builder, and a character editor will release before the month is out. But before then, we have one more exciting surprise announcement.

On Wednesday 13 March, we're launching a content update featuring weather, a day and night cycle and bridges, alongside a plethora of fixes.

Full Patch Notes - Update Releasing 13 March

New Features

  • Varied weather patterns that will bring more style and effect to your golf courses. Rainy days will reduce attendance; Sunny days will give golfers a happiness boost.
  • Day night cycle to vary the look of the course. They function at a different pace to the game speed, and serve currently as cosmetic enhancement to the game.
  • Wind has been added, uniformly with a marker next to the message button showing you the direction (which also rotates together with the camera to give you the correct reading). Some golfers are better at reading the wind than others.
  • Bridges have been added to allow you to connect patches of land surrounded by water to the mainland.
  • Path tool has been reworked to become easier to use.
  • Added speed shortcuts, using keyboard 1, 2, and 3


  • Water now actually acts like water; balls that land in the water will splash, and the golfer will need to try again.
  • Increased the membership count of Member's Lounge by 30%.
  • Increased the staff count of the Staff Room by 25%.
  • Golfers will no longer try to play from the edge of the water.
  • Fixed an issue where the number of golfers that visited a course could be limited by the spawn queue.
  • Deleting the active save after starting a game will now disable the continue button.
  • Fixed an issue where raising/lowering height on a hole could cause the tool to stop working.
  • Terrain elevation is now properly loaded when loading a save game after having a game loaded.
  • Adjusted the building price formula to make it more balanced
  • Adjusted the lighting on the night setup to make it less dark
  • Reduced the fog intensity during the foggy weather
  • Reduced the emissions of the water to make them less glowy
  • Opening the menu with ESC now also pauses the game
  • Players will no longer receive revenue from buildings if the resort is closed at the start of the day. They will still pay for maintenance.
  • Golfers should now properly leave the queue.
  • Fixed issue where players could complete the current hole by sinking the ball in any hole.
  • Fixed issue that caused the tee/flag to be unaffected by the height adjustment.
  • Potentially addressed the golfer tantrum issue by removing the function to make them rotate to face the ball. This will be replaced by a proper animation later.
  • Added a sanity check to remove duplicate messages and thus avoid the infinite golfer spawn issue.
  • Golfers will no longer sink near the water.
  • RBG-293: Fixed issue with the selection of the building panel not being reset to 0, causing it to try and load a selection that wasn't available.
  • Fixed issues where cancelling the path building would remove the path selection panel, and you weren't able to close the tool by clicking on the cancel button.
  • Buildings will now no longer charge maintenance if they aren't yet built.
  • Fixed issue where paths and bridges were sometimes not cleared when starting a new game.
  • Fixed issue where the default roof cost was 0, causing the price of the building to be vastly cheaper if the player did not change the color.
  • Fixed issue where visit result was checking for non-implemented buildings, causing it to fail when it should.
  • Tracked down the null reference that was causing the issue. Terrain tools should work properly.
  • Fixed issue where visit requests weren't being acceptable.
  • Fixed issue where buildings could be approved without a door if you deleted the door tile.
  • Fixed a null reference that caused the check for a wrong hole to always fail.
  • Fixed an issue where the path.bridge information wouldn't save properly under some circumstances.
  • Fixed issue with the roof cost starting at 0 by setting the correct value on the prefab property.
  • Money won't be spent while the user is in tutorial mode.

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