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Enjoy a little Willerworm

We figured it was high time we update the community on where the new patch stands, and why it’s not in the hands of players yet. The simple answer is setbacks. The team has had a series of issues arise, from a fried hard drive, to emergency oral surgery and allergies. We’ve been soldiering on through it, but in the end, it’s caused some unforeseen delays in the patch getting completed and rolled out. Don’t let it worry you, the work on the patch has continued, and everything is coming together very well. Our aim isn’t just to get these features functioning, it’s to get them polished and enjoyable, so that the game’s quality continues to get better and better. We aren’t going to set an exact date for this to roll out right now, but it’s coming closer all the time, and with any luck the wait is almost over. We really appreciate everyone’s patience over the last couple of weeks. This has been our longest dev cycle to date, but it’s also the most ambitious overhaul we’ve done to this point. Hang in there, guys, it’s going to be worth the wait!

Over the last couple of weeks, as the patch has gotten closer, we have mentioned a number of things that are coming out with this patch. While we’re on the subject of updates, we want to point out the most major change to come, the introduction of true singleplayer. The days of running multiple instances to play singleplayer will be a thing of the past, and we know many people will be very excited to hear that. Along with this, however, we will be disabling multiplayer capability for a short time, to allow us to focus beta testing on the singleplayer functionality. Multiplayer is a big thing to everyone, and we assure you, we will keep the time without it as short as possible. We ask that everyone bear with us and help pound out all the bugs when the time comes, and help us ensure that the singleplayer experience is as solid as the multiplayer.

On a brighter note, we will be livestreaming again this Saturday night at 7PM Eastern, and giving everyone a chance to see previews of the patch. The community has been growing very rapidly now, and we know quite a few people missed the stream several weeks ago. We hope everyone will come and hang out with us and check it out! We’re always happy to answer questions and get you guys up to date on what’s going on with the game. Once again, a big thank you to our awesome community for your patience and hanging with us during all of this quiet from the team!

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