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The first episode of our new blog, Concept Monday!

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Hello brothas, welcome to the first Concept Monday, a blog where we write about planned concepts for the game. This week: weapons!

We've been thinking a lot about the weapons to be added in the game, along with special gear like body armor, wingsuits and rocket boots. A weapon included in Volliod will be a little thing called a "nuclear backpack", a primary weapon. It's a sort-of container that you wear on the back and it has little tubes that connect to a disk that is placed in your palm. It's first attack will be shooting balls of lightning out of a disk, while the secondary attack will be blinking (teleporting for those who don't know the term) a certain distance so that you can make it onto a platform that is too far away to jump onto.

There will also be shock plates, a melee weapon. First attack will be a left/right hook (takes four of those to kill) and secondary attack will be a block function. Also, if you punch a teammate's dead body with the shock plates within ten seconds of their death, you can revive them at full health.

We will also throw in a grappling hook, a secondary weapon. You probably get the gist of what it does.

We've already made the shock plate models, while we have yet to work on the grappling hook and nuclear backpack. We are going to include all of those weapons in the pre-alpha, so we'll make them soon.

We'll see you next week, when we talk about the loadouts.

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