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Concealed Intent in now 33% off on Steam Early Access, and a new version adds "challenge a Steam friend" functionality.

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Concealed Intent is 33% off Steam Early Access for the Winter Sale.

Concealed Intent is a simultaneous turn-based game of tactical stealth space combat.

More importantly, the latest update adds the ability for players to issues challenges to their friends on Steam. Players can choose the ship type for the duel, plus the map and the time limit for submitting turns (defaults to 7 days, but can range from 30 minutes to 30 days).

Challenge your steam friends

Once accepted and ship loadouts are decided the game will proceed at the participant's preferred pace. A player can submit their turn whenever they like within the set time limit - leaving and returning as they wish.

A focal point for the duel is now added to the scenario in order to ensure that some action occurs and that two stealth players don't continually hide from each other. A small space station is now placed at the center of every map. If destroyed (or after 10 turns) this station will drop a core. If either player collects this core, and survives 5 turns they will be declared victorious! The downside is that carrying the core massively increases a ship's signature, making stealth tactics incredibly harder - good luck!

New missions focus points

This functionality completes the 4 features promised when Concealed Intent was initially released onto Early Access. Now in addition to continuously improving the quality of the game, the focus of development work will be determined by the community.

The first new feature desired by the community is vastly increased options and randomness in Player-vs-Computer skirmishes. Thus work will now start on allowing an arbitrary number of player and enemy ships in skirmish (at the players choice), with various mission objectives and scenario modifiers (like damage causing radiation storms, loot drops, leave no pilot behind rules, and more). All this new functionality will require upgraded AI to handle the more complex encounters, so that will be improved too.

Make your suggestions on the Steam discussion boards.

Below are more screenshots from online duels in the current release.

Returning to a previously started game

First Contact - what are they?

Targeting the Station

Firing on the Station

Moving into position

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