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Concealed Intent is now available on Steam Early Access - 20% off for the first week.

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Concealed Intent in now available on Steam Early Access - the store page is available here. The game will be 20% off for its first week.

The game is not finished. Not by a long way. This is more of a start than an end. Hopefully the feedback provided by Early Access players help make the game better. Already a number of good suggestions have come from pre-release copies!

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There are four tasks planned before a full release (but Steam says not to promise anything, so these are not promises!):

  • 4 extra single-player campaign missions
  • Steam achievements
  • A focus point for online duels to prevent two stealth players never finding each other
  • Being able to challenge your Steam friends to a game with custom time limits, rather than random match-making with whomever is online

After those four hopefully there will be time to add more features as prioritized by the community.

There have also been a couple of YouTube Let's Play videos posted.

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