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This update covers the changes, improvements and progress being made to the combat and the map editor.

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The Map Editor have had major work on in which adds an UI (User Interface) and a quick and easy way to load media into the game. It has also been given an system where different objects can be given attributes such as if it is gathering block and what item you get from it.

The second part which has been worked on is the inventory and object organization. This is nearly complete but I'm having a small issue which I am working on resolving. The way objects are identified is by parts of the number being converted into text which shows what the object is made of, the type of item, what type of item it is and who made it. This allows for fame to come to the creators of the items and it also increase performance as less checks have to take place.

The third part is the combat, I have designed the controls and am working on a prototype to see if it works well and if I need to change anything. To see this clearer look at the image below.

The last part is that settings have been programmed which allows you to change the resolution, the mode such as windowed, borderless window and fullscreen. This also allows the controls to be changed.

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