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After 2+ years of work we are proud to announce our 2.5D Puzzle-platformer Metroidvania ColorBlend FX. Splat juicy enemies, solve color and physics puzzles and die like a noob. Demo is available on Steam (and here on IndieDB).

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Hello everyone, colorful or colorless. We're team Pi-Dev from Bulgaria, PeterSvP & DarksSilencer (and some other friends & streamers)!

In last 2 years we were making a kinda weird game, a puzzle platformer metroidvania, that's all about the evil Lord Ashen who stole the colors from the world, and the Splatians who need to co-operate to return them back, while solving mysteries about the ancient goddess Ranina.

Here's the trailer:

About ColorBlend FX:

The game is highly inspired by titles like Inside, Little Nightmares, Axiom Verge, but we decided to take an unique approach - instead of darkness we chose exactly the opposite - light and discolored world where the important objects pop in color.

The game uses traditional puzzle elements but also plays a lot with colors. Characters can change their colors and interact with colored objects that expect specific colors, e.g. a key must be painted the same color as the lock or a slime must be squashed close to crystal blocks of the same color to destroy them. Or, you must ensure your character is painted in a specific set of colors in order to pass access control scanners. And things like that.

Within the game you unlock different abilities that grant you access to other areas to explore and solve their puzzles while trying to find the Crystals Of Essence that are essential for the Splatians to recover the world.

The game is single-player only but it's possible that we can add a local cooperative mode. No online features are planned so far.

It's set to be released somewhere in 2022,



Also check the official website here!

Kofin Slime Splatron

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