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We happy to release a patch for COLD DEPTH Demo Fix bugs and add new fx and optimizations

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We happy to release a patch for COLD DEPTH Demo


+ Added optimization for UI on displays.

+ Added optimization for all post level models.

+ Update the relax room and add some relax videos and sounds.

+ Added FX to shuttle and in the pool.

+ Added sounds for dispensers.


- Interaction UI did not show after previous interaction in the same object.

- Interaction locked after click RMB and LMB on Action icon.

- Locker in room 10 is not locked.

- Pulse hack device UI is fixed.

- Pulse injections added not corrected values.

- Posters are active in the room without power.

- Many fixes in-game settings window.

- Packer UI items are duplicated if we put some objects in the packer place and connect inventator.

- Duplicating power control panel zones UI and broke power change logic after trying authorization in 2 slots.

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