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Yet again, we're in need on coders. We're not going to be able to continue on this project without one.

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Hi there, WWI: Source Dev team reporting in;

There's nothing new and fancy (well, other than a pair of screenshots) being posted in this news-update, we simply need to tell you that we're still in need of coders to finish this thing. Without a coder it's all going to be a stand-still for us. Actually I'm not exaggerating if I say the mod will most likely have to be put down if we can't find a willing individual. While most of the art is done, this means nothing when we don't have that individual who can put it all together ingame. If you are experienced with C++ and have knowledge of the source-engine or know someone who might be, contact me (ashton93) as soon as possible here on MoDDb. Here are some requirements we listed for the job back in November, unfortunately we didnt get any applicants back then. Hopefully that will change this time.

  • Major experience with C++ and how the source-engine works together with it. (previous work on mods for Source is a huge plus)
  • That you have enough time for this project.
  • Being able to communicate with the rest of the team and actively shaping the game from discussions and solutions we come up with.
  • Working with progress-docs and updating them as you make changes.
  • Being creative!

Perhaps this will encourage all of you mildly or very interested coders out there looking for some work, if so do as I told you and contact me (ashton93) here on this site. I will give you details on your work after that has been done
We're still really close, but this is impossible without that one guy who can do some magic on our codebase.

We're not really the type of guys who leaves you all empty-handed. Here's a recent screenshot of a German Bomber getting ready to toss a Stielhandgranate in Longueval, Delville Wood.

And another shot of the forest in the same map

Over and out,
Ashton and the WWI: Source Developer team

notaclevername - - 522 comments

^lol. I'm too busy on a project right now, I hope someone comes forward to help your team out. I could still offer advice and knowledge with my years of modding for source. Modeling, Animating, Hud / Icon, and Coding. I've worked in all fields and could share what I know if it will help or keep you guys modding and inspired. That and its just cool to speak with other source modders.

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Guest - - 692,521 comments

If you help them, I will give you a prize. Seriously, this has been 3 years in the making. They need help, we need this to finally be enjoyed. Help them and I'll make it worth your while

steam: somedude210

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Zabargad - - 14 comments

Looks really well done! One question though; does it require HL2 in order to work, or just any source game(ie. Portal)? Again, looks great.

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Escodrion - - 62 comments

I used TF2 or Portal to make it work, generally I think you need the Source SDK.

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Guest - - 692,521 comments

Good luck with that. Free decent Coders with free time are a very rare species to come across.

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SPY-maps - - 2,906 comments

It is a real shame, we see it a lot. That teams can't finish there project because they are in need of someone with a special skill that can't be found. Therefore i always see, please first get your team together (with members that don't leave after 2 or 3 weeks), and then start the mod, not the other way around.

I really do hope you will find the coder, but i am seriously afraid that this will not going to happen. because there were quit a few mods before you that died, because they also couldn't find a coder.

Great Coders and Animaters are the people that are hardly being found anymore. They were always hard to find for Source projects, but the last 2 to 3 years it is impossible to find them because Hl2 is getting quit old and most have moved on to newer games/engines or other projects.

That said, i really do hope you find one, that is skilled anough to do the job, and, will stay till the work is done.
my fingers are crossed!!

a fellow mapper/modder,

(when i was you i would look in to a way to still make the mod work, but without the coding, because waiting till you have one can take months, or is not going to happen at all. sorry...)

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Tingtom - - 820 comments


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