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Ok well in the past week we have found a coder yes one of the vary few coders out there that can code QC but not only is he our code he is also our lead modeler who has modeled our new M4A1 which is way better than the old one... Also I personally am writing the full book of Urban Wars(UW) Also I have finished the M4A1 muzzle flashes and a Alpha HUD with cross hairs for the M4A1 and the shot gun... Our coder Duke is working on the engine so that we can get a Dev Beta ready for you all :D

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Welcome everyone to a small update :D. We have a new coder (Duke) and he has our current engine running along with a new model (M4A1). In the past week we have been working on a few things... We have been working on the engine, HUD, Story, Models, Muzzle Flashes, and Cross hairs plus i have started working on the Single player maps :D. I know that we have a long way to go but for now i think that this a true start... all the other updates where about how we need a coder... :D

Now heres a small video by our coder/modeler (Duke) that im sure you will like :D.

Thank you :)

bluefire40 - - 74 comments

That rifle looks a bit short...

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ArchDukeInstinct - - 709 comments

It is an M4 carbine. Carbines are shorter than rifles.

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Breadsticks - - 41 comments

What's the polycount on that?

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Marc1k1 - - 216 comments

Wow, That looks great :D

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Mobster103 - - 915 comments

Great stuff guys best of luck

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GangAngel13 - - 177 comments

DUDE that's WAY to high poly, your running it on a psp with an old engine.Also those bullets that aren't even seen in gameplay aren't needed.Thats not going to run on a psp.

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ArchDukeInstinct - - 709 comments

The video shows our high poly version which will be used in the PC version. I made a low poly copy of it for the PSP version which has around 900 polys. You can see a comparison of the two versions in the image section.

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Shadow-Marine - - 158 comments

its never gonna run
**** load of useless stuff there
when your running on a psp engine all those little details are useless
and those bullets are pointless because you never gonna see them

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UrbanKid - - 200 comments

Nice job dude

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