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I will update you guys with the latest news from my video game Code: Transparent.

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Hay gamers, I just want to say thank you for taking your time to read this article. So about this games newest features. I've thinking about a feature where you have to learn a coding language in order to hack computers/tech. This coding language is called Sink CX and that coding language will have its own background. Feature number 2 is JRPG combat yupp nothing special but I think it's LITTTT HAHA (Sorry). Feature numba 3 is a possible port to Switch (Nintendo Switch) also these are the platforms I will release my game on: Steam, GOG, and GameJolt. Featura numero 4 isa most importantly is that my brother and I are working on the story and music. Thank you for reading this update/article. More information will be released. Thank you:)

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