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Green Hell Co-op Update : V.1.5 is live now!

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Hey everyone.
Co-op Update : V.1.5 is live now!

  • Cooperation added to Survival Mode
  • Cooperation Mode - up to 4 players
  • Players are able to help other Players who passed out
  • Turkish language added
  • Player is able to take leeches off from Co-op’s body
  • Game is saved on Host's chosen Slot
  • Players can now respawn after death in Co-op Mode
  • Items are dropped on the ground upon death
  • Co-op lose sanity when other Player in the session dies
  • Player will lose some of health after respawning
  • Campfire and Stone Ring are now built with 8 Stones and 4 Big Stones instead of 12
  • Logs and Long sticks no longer despawn
  • Pot removed from 1 location. Now present only in Cartel

  • Fixed - Slots in constructions are lost if Player uses "insert" from expand on item that is in another slot
  • Fixed - Partially completed ghosts of Mud modular constructions were not cut off by Roofs
  • Fixed - Bowls are lost if under Water Filter/Collector destroyed by Player/Tribe
  • Fixed - Unnecessary collision on Roof ghosts on Sheds
  • Fixed - South American Rattlesnake's collision elevates Player during the attack
  • Fixed - Spearman can attack Player through Mud Roof
  • Fixed - Wound slot in inspection does not turn green when aimed at with Bandage/Dressing
  • Fixed - Pot in Cartel is sometimes under the Grill instead of on top
  • Fixed - Liquid conflict when adding dirty water to Mud Water Collector filled with rain water
  • Fixed - Lab tent in WHA Camp has trigger on Survival mode
  • Fixed - Top stick in Doorways is easy to miss when building them
  • Fixed - Construction can be build inside Frame Wall/Roofs if their ghosts were previously snapped to higher floor
  • Fixed - Death hint when Player dies with Insomnia is missing
  • Fixed - Large and Small Planting Box had collision on ghosts
  • Fixed - Tribesmen spawned to burning fire attack Ayahuasca Cauldron and Hammocks
  • Fixed - Improper animation of shaking off Bees
  • Fixed - No Bow stretching animation for Hunter
  • Fixed - Bamboo Frame ghost has different rope material than finished Bamboo Frame
  • Fixed - Most items from stack thrown out from inventory don't get dropped in same place
  • Fixed - Dryer changes scale slightly after ghost is completed
  • Fixed - Ignited Torches return for a moment to vertical position after Player stops blocking

Thank you for your support!

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