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New chat options, interface sounds and teleportation options.

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Client Version 1.4.17

We were a little late last week, but we're back on track this week for a Monday client release. This week we've added some new chat features, interface sounds and decoration tweaks. We even have a video to show off the new features!

Release overview video...

Release Notes


- Duplicated objects now inherit scale and rotation from the object it was duplicated from. Bound scale is also duplicated which is what is used to determine at what distance an object should be visible

- Reduced mouse click speed (the allowable time between pressing the button and then releasing the button in which a click is detected)

- Deselecting an object is now properly related to a mouse "click" and not simply letting go of the button. This means using the right mouse button to move the camera when in free camera mode shouldn't deselect an object.

- Added new interface sound effects for placing, duplicating and removing objects in decorate mode

- Added new public area teleportation object: Teledoor. Works just like a telepad, but in doorway form!

- Distance travelled and distance flown now shown in miles after the first mile

- Changed look of chat options button at lower left of chat window

- Added "Copy Chat Tab History To Clipboard" option to chat options menu that copies the selected tab chat history to the clipboard so that it can be pasted somewhere else

- Chat message text can now be mouse drag selected and copied to clipboard using Ctrl + C


- Sunset Motors interior lighting now showing again


Looks like you're world is a bit empty. But I guess you have to get the basics working huh?

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danto Author

We all have to start somewhere. :) We do have an active community of users and we're working to increase awareness of the program to continue to increase the number of users in world. It's a need users to get more users scenario. Things are continuing to grow though and right now we're on a weekly development cycle to help encourage more users with regular updates and fixes.

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