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Post news RSS Classic FPS DNA - Part One: Guns, Big F#$&%^g Guns

To create the Telefrag VR, we asked ourselves: how would it be to play Unreal Tournament or Quake III Arena in Virtual Reality? We would like present to you how inspirations from these great titles are and will be visible in our game at various levels.

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Hi Gladiators!

To create Telefrag VR, we asked ourselves: how would it feel like to play Unreal Tournament or Quake III Arena in Virtual Reality? Let us show you how those great titles of old inspired bits and pieces of Telefrag's design. You can't have a decent arena shooter without cool weaponry. Some of them will surely feel familiar.

Much like in the case of Unreal Tournament, weapons in Telefrag VR have two firing modes, but unlike UT or Quake 3 Arena, you can use both weapons (one per hand) at the same time. This allows for more variety of attack during moment-to-moment gameplay. Just imagine it, shooting at the opponent with one weapon and firing the teleport with the other to change the position.


Tools of doom are one of the pillars of a good FPS, especially if they guarantee destruction without requiring any particular precision. That's why in our game we add an absolute "must have". Rocket Launcher, which like the one from Unreal Tournament, allows you to fire more rockets simultaneously (after having loaded them).


Unreal's answer to the fps mainstay - a shotgun, makes its way to telefrag. A tool of brutality and quick wits, as the bouncing projectiles can reach an enemy behind cover, while the alternative mode creates deadly mines.


Another classic weapon, this time inspired by the Plasma Gun from Quake 3 Arena. Fires fast tracking plasma projectiles, best not overheat this one.


Aim, pull the trigger, watch the enemy turn into mush from across the map. Precision is the name of the game with the laser pistol. Firing a ricocheting beam that deals huge amounts of damage, it is a love letter to the railgun and to all those duels and instagib matches.


The weapon shoots a straight, continuous lightning bolt punishing back anyone foolish enough to stand out in the open. Come in too close, and the alternative mode will snap and follow you. You can thank q3a's lightning gun for that treatment.

Let us know which weapons from the classic FPS era you remember most fondly. In the following weeks, we'll show you more details about upcoming weapons we teased above :)

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