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A quick dev update on circuit_strike.remix and how classic arcade games are still some of my favorites.

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Hi IndieDB! I am new here and I want to share some artwork for my third game, circuit_strike.remix and a few thoughts on game design. The retro illustration and game cartridge were created to help me see my game from a new perspective.

Why? Well, I have been trying to address the function creep in my design documents and I need to bring this game across the finish line with some sense of grace and dignity. The problem is that I have at least a hundred ideas that I could never complete and at least a hundred more that I could not do justice. AAA game development has taught me that modern gamers always want more. More depth, more mechanics, more features, etc. As one guy I cannot deliver anywhere near AAA scope, so what mechanics are really important to the overall experience? And, can a simple game be focused enough that it can recapture that 80s classic arcade feeling?

What games and experiences do you look back on as defining moments?

For me it was Defender. The endless freedom of summer at the community pool, a chlorine induced haze of happiness, and my name on the leaderboards. Temporary immorality. In the winter I would walk a few miles through the freezing snow to the general store near my grandmother's house because they had Space Invaders and I had quarters to burn. Later, it was staying up all night at a friend's house to play as much Super Mario Brothers or Metroid as we could, because we could. These are the moments that I think back on as a gamer. They influence what games I play today and on a larger scale, what I do for a living.

So, what games and experiences do you look back on as defining moments? What modern games do you find yourself playing that tap into those same motivations?

shay - h.grenade

circuit_strike Atari Cartridge and Flyer

circuit_strike Atari Cartridge in perspective

circuit_strike HUD mockup

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