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Post news RSS Cinderstone Online launch a closed beta and reveal a trailer (formely known as Fioresia Online)

Fioresia Online is having a new name: Cinderstone Online, a new trailer and a closed beta (subscription is open directly on Steam).

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“Oye Oye dear intrepid adventurers, hear the news from Cinderstone Online”

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Our land has changed its name from Fioresia Online to Cinderstone Online, in reference to our beloved capital.

Watch our new trailer and feel welcome to sign up for our closed beta!

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Become whoever you want to be: a fighter, a merchant, a thief, a dungeon conqueror, the ruler of a region, the leader of a large guild, a peaceful farmer or fisherman, and make new friends especially. Through a captivating main story, players also have the shared responsibility of thwarting the plans of the gods who want to take over the world. Through periodic and time-limited dynamic global quests, adventurers of Cinderstone Online will be challenged by these envious gods. If the community fails, the world will change for everyone.

Call to all adventurers, the beta subscription is open

Cinderstone Online launches its closed beta. Adventurers are invited to register now via the registration form. Registration is open directly on the Steam page

You are all welcome to join the tavern (Discord server) to meet with the dev team and other adventurers of Cinderstone Online!

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Cinderstone Online Tourism Guide (Features)

  • Castle siege and region management
  1. Conquer or defend your castle with your guild and ally and manage your region in a persistent world
  2. Manage nodes and towns in your region with the help of the community and collect gold from taxes

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  • Caravan system

Travel with your caravan and with friends and sell your goods to distant towns in a Merchant - Guards vs Thief PvP adventure!

  • Dynamic global quests

Take part in big adventures with the community and NPC that may change the world based on your actions

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  • World bosses raids

Take part in big persistent world bosses raids, get achievements and big loot!

  • Combat

Experience a 2D-3D action non-target action combat with the holy trinity system.

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  • Housing and gardening

Buy your own house and garden, manage it, customize it and grow plants. Cook or sell for money.

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  • Dungeons

Take part in fantastic 4 players instanced dungeons

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  • Guild system

Create or join a guild. Make friends, join together in big battle PvP with other guilds, or complete PvE content together

  • Main story

Gods from a parallel dimension have appeared in our world and only a hero can defeat them! Will you be the brave player who brings peace back to Cinderstone?

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  • Life skills

Be a fisherman, a miner, lumberjack, or a farmer. Level up different life skills, discover rare items, unlock all achievements and make tons of money!

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  • Completionist 100%

Discover a fantastic open world with many mini-games, jumping puzzles, and secrets! Exploration is the main component of Cinderstone Online.

Welcome to the lands of Cinderstone online!

Registration is open directly on the Steam page

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