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Chronicles invites us to discover the folklore of Reinforcements world.

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In Southern Pixels we are developing a video game that narrates the story of one the most important events inside Valtesa: a continent of a fantastic world. This game called Reinforcements: Defence
of the Pacific Realm will present and follow the events of those particular episodes.

To introduce the user in this story, we are going to join battle with Chronicles, the library full of adventures that is going to give shape to the Reinforcements universe.

Long term project

Reinforcements is an RPG game based on an unique, with some retro style, medieval universe developed by Southern Pixels. Reinforcements: Defence of the Pacific Realm represents the events that happened inside one continent of this fantastic world. The magnitude of this project is incredible, so in order to get the users attention and getting them involved in the story we combine short stories that will be release earlier and more often.

Current project

Before the presentations of these events, we will invite you to discover Valtesa's story, its myths and legends, entering the bookshelves which contains the books and chronicles of the past on this
continent. This library is called Reinforcements: Chronicles.

It's important to highlight that Reinforcements:Chronicles it's not one game alone, but a series of video games that are going to be part of the bookshelf. Through Chronicles we inmerse the player in
the past of Reinforcements: Defence of the Pacific Realm, where every story presents itself like an individual game. Chronicles is the portal which give access to get in touch with the heroes that left their footprint in this world.

"Blizzard Borealis" and "Storm of Vultures" are the firsts books to be added on this bookshelf.

Information about the chronicles

Each chronicle is a Brawler with a bits of action RPG. These are video games that are based on overcoming numerous challenges that reveal the story as the player evolves and go through the

Chronicles is multiplatform and will be executable on pc, mac, ios, android and even on web browsers.

The first to chronicles ar prequels: Blizzard Borealis y Storm of Vultures. Both stories happened a few month before the main event that marcs the beginning of Reinforcements: Defence of the Pacific Realm. These two chronicles show how different cultures of this world react to the forthcoming events.


The character design is the same in Reinforcement: Defence of the Pacific Realms and in Chronicles, because it's important to us to maintain the Reinforcements brand image. The only difference is that Chronicles is a 2D video game, while Reinforcements: Defence of the Pacific Realm is 3D and has
more graphic quality because of its Voxel Art modeling. However the character design is the same in both games, oriented to a classic, RPG, 8 bit style.

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