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Here is a new release of the ChaosEsque Anthology. It includes a deeper dungeon, more player characters, the ability to feed opponents into your rotors, better support for mapping, better support for musical improvisation, and various other bug-fixes, additions, and improvements.

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The ChaosEsque Team is happy to bring you the next version of the ChaosEsque Anthology.

There have been a number of improvements since the last version,which should assist you in creating the fighting environment you've always desired on the LCD or plasma screen (perhaps even a very large projector screen.)

We hope you enjoy these additions:

*Death by rotor: this release adds the ability to destroy one's opponents when using the helicopter vehicles by tilting forward the rotor blades and allowing one's enemies to make contact. This is done via 16 invisible trigger boxes for each helicopter arranged in a circular pattern. The origins of the hit-boxes pertain to the pitch of the vehicle thanks to being updated by their .think function.

Close to carnage.

You don't see me in-back of you, do you? This large.. plane,.. and these props...

*Death by inattentiveness: The aerocommander airplane can now coast before taking off, and there are prop damage boxes for each prop. You can feed opponents into said props (think Raiders of the Lost Ark). E+W to increase engine speed. E+S to decrease. The nieuport, sopwith, and fokker biplanes now have prop damage boxes; you can run opponents down with them. The helicopters now have damage boxes for the tail rotors. Spin the sparrow around to take out all nearby attackers.

He did not see.

I will take that as a no.

Burning Dead.

*Another player model is included. Set it in the misc user menu and apply to be able to select it

*Better musical composition support: The ability to choose the concert A pitch for the tuba, accordion, and other instruments+ was added to the menu (Baroque, Leipzig, Dresden 1815, classical, diapason normal, chorton, standard, etc.). Being turned to stone, jailed, etc. is now persistent across disconnect. A player cannot escape it by merely leaving. This applies to bots as well. There were bugfixes, and miscellaneous additions, and new binaries for Linux


*This release also adds a deeper random dungeon with additional new areas in the random dungeon to explore, including a deep pit to fight around with columns for cover and various extra rooms and corridors to connect up the dungeon: a colonnade area, stairs, a transverse, and a sanctuary, more enemies in new areas.

There are also, ofcourse, miscellaneous bugfixes and improvements:
Bugfixes to mounted machine guns with bullet shields, menu enhancements to increase security awareness, new binaries for Linux (64bit and 32bit), better support for ChaoseEsque-specific entities in the map editor, netradiant, additional textures in the castlebunker pack, autotaunts, etc.

+Yes, in addition to weapons, there are also instrumnents, as is tradition.


sc_tiles.zip in the data/maps directory includes many building tiles for you to use, you can quickly create your own map in a matter of a few minutes in the netradiant map editor. Import the tiles you want, keep texture lock on, move them into place, and compile.

The power

Enjoy the power!
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