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ChaosEsque:Antology is a (First Person Shooter genre) standalone game based on Xonotic which included extended weapons, maps, vehicles, buildable buildings, mounted weapons, spell casting, monsters, player characters, textures, and game mode (such as colorwar (think liquidwar)). The goal of the project is to not limit the player: to allow the creation of what-ever scenario is desired. To meet this end many many features have been added over the years.

Features include:

200 weapons, 30+ vehicles,+20 tripod-mounted weapons, 50+ spells, monsters, City-Generation, Building, 100+ Maps

More information: Sourceforge.net

Volume 2 information: Sourceforge.net

( Cryptographic Signing Signatures: Sourceforge.net )

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The Team is here, a year later, to again wish you a Merry Christmas, and bestow an early Christmas present! After years of constant, grinding, development Chaos-Esque Anthology has reached version 100.

Since last year the Team has been working on many new additions to the game:

Point defenses can now be constructed, in addition to new furnishings and buildings.

Mounted weapon built as a point defense.

Improvements to the city generation and foliage subsystems have been steady with new trees and buildings being added.

View of new tower buildable.

Tank and new foliage

For a more RTS feel, the Towers and Hangars now require additional resources for the construction of their turrets and vehicles: these resources can be created by forges of various types that take the in-game ammunition as inputs.

There are a myriad of new weapons, including "Terminator" favorites such as the Spas-12 autoloading shotgun, and the AMT Hardballer 1911 with laser sight.

Autoloading shotgun

Additionally many WW1 weapons are now included; such as the Mauser pistol, the ChauChat machine rifle, and the MG 08/15. In total there are now over 130 weapons in the game.

Rolls of concertina wire can be laid out, however tanks and bulldozers can roll over these and other similar-class defenses.

Barbed Wire

Our resident mapper, MikeeUSA, has contributed a new map (with a backing track by Snabisch) for this release: Saffer's War. A fairly large map highlighting trench warfare. It has ample space for building towns and fortifications aswell: another goal of the map.

Saffer's War

Our project has expanded Xonotic's original cast of 18 weapons to over 130 weapons, has added new textures, and maps, aswell as a list of other features including: city generation subsystem (with interiors), building subsystem (build buildings, furnishings, doors, blocks, the buildings have interiors and function similar to RTS buildables), marshaling subsytem, foliage subsystem, aswell as mounted weapons and more vehicles. Additionally hand-to-hand fighting was added for those wishing for a Mortal-Kombat feel in a libre 3d video-game.

Enjoy Release 100!

ChaosEsque Anthology Release 76

ChaosEsque Anthology Release 76

News 1 comment

The ChaosEsque team has been working this last week to bring you more building options (domes, more furniture, more stone types, etc) as-well as a new...

ChaosEsque Anthology Release 75

ChaosEsque Anthology Release 75


Greetings again from the ChaosEsque Team, in time for the beginning of the holiday season! It has been awhile since the last announcement, but in that...

ChaosEsque Anthology Release 43

ChaosEsque Anthology Release 43


Greetings fellow gamers. Much has changed since the last news was posted. ChaosEsque Anthology has now reached Release 43. There have been new weapons...

ChaosEsque Anthology Release 18

ChaosEsque Anthology Release 18


Here is a new release of the ChaosEsque Anthology. It includes a deeper dungeon, more player characters, the ability to feed opponents into your rotors...

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ChaosEsqueTeam Creator

Rest In Peace, Jeffery Epstein.
May you be in Heaven, with YHWH, with what you loved. What american men sought to deny you, what YHWH allows you and what American men war against the world to prevent (YHWH's Law).

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ChaosEsqueTeam Creator

Rest In Peace, Jeffery Epstein.
Murdered by the proud "upstanding" face-tattooed white man's religion.
Remember: by the Proud Accomplished* REAL White Man, the only acceptable relationship is Adam and Mature-BIG-Lady-of-The-Night.
(*many murders, thefts, drug deals)
(As the proud White Man's saying goes: Adam and Established-Paramour, NOT Adam and Young-Virgin!)

Today the Elite White Men of the world are having (cell)-block parties expressing their happiness for your death, retaking their oaths regarding millstones and the like, drawing more tattoos on their faces and hands to commemorate the day.

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Jeffery Epstein was white you retarded pedophile. Let him rot with your **** "game"

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
ChaosEsqueTeam Creator

Proud white men, who hate "chomos", do not consider Jewish people "white". White is an American concept, defined primarily by mixed-european-ancestry American prisoners, so we must leave it at that. They say no Jewish people and no "chomos", so be it.

>FooFlinger wrote:
>Jeffery Epstein was white you retarded pedophile. Let him rot with your **** "game"

YHWH allows men to marry girl children, including in cases of rape (tahpahs) in Devarim chapter 22, verse 28: na'ar (child: hebrew masoretic text), padia (child: greek septuagint), puella (young girl: latin vulgate).

I believe YHWH was Jeffery Epstein's god. While Jeffery Epstein did not reject YHWH, white men have explicitly done so.

Jeffery Epstein was judged in accordance with the white man's heresies, and under the law system that denies all men Religious Freedom: arguing that if a prohibition is "equally applicable" to all religion: it may override the religious law in nearly all cases.

Hopefully Jeffery Epstein is in the heaven of YHWH and has nice young girls to spend his Eternity with (another idea whites reject: whites claim all are "one in christ" , and reject the idea of any gender after life. This puts them at odds with various other religions)

The white (christian) afterlife: no girls, etc, sounds like a continuation of the hell that whites have made the world into.

>FooFlinger wrote:
>Jeffery Epstein was white you retarded pedophile. Let him rot with your **** "game"

Not even a day has gone by and you are speaking ill of the dead.

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ChaosEsqueTeam Creator

FooFlinger: we have ended the project due to your criticisms. We will no longer contribute to opensource what-so-ever.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Awesome! Glad to help put the nail in the coffin for whatever the **** this is was supposed to be. This "perfect game" that you claimed was soooo above anything made by any other developer!

All ended due to one persons criticisms? Seriously? Guess that proves all my points about how **** the game is and how incompetent of a "developer" you are.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
ChaosEsqueTeam Creator

>This "perfect game" that you claimed was soooo above anything made by any other developer!

It is, to me.

>All ended due to one persons criticisms? Seriously? Guess that proves all my points about how **** the game is and how incompetent of a "developer" you are.

I am very competent. I wanted a game with all the weapons one could desire, with RTS style buildables, that are enter-able in first person. I wanted "real" sim-city style generated cities, with interiors one could fight in: no area unreachable.

Along with various other things.

I achieved this, on my own.

It is superior to your offering. Nothing comes close, not in the opensource world, nor in the commercial world.

200+ Weapons
30+ Vehicles
50+ Spells
Mounted weaponry.
Buildable buildings (with interiors), both futuristic and medieval styles (built by different items).
City generation, sim-city 2000 style, with fully explorable interiors.
Furnishings, doors, etc etc that can be built.
Glass spalling, bury-able mines, nuclear weapons.
Ballistics extentions, automatic detection of material types.
Futuristic, Modern, and Medeval weapons, and siege weaponry.
Fully operational torture chambers.
Dark ritual, and dark spells which feed of the agony of prisoners.
Foliage system.
Spikes, bumpers, balloons, jumppad, and tank-traps system (turn any map into a sonic/platformer map)
Flood system to flood any map with water, slime, lava, water, oil, chemicals, to the level you desire.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
ChaosEsqueTeam Creator

>FooFlinger wrote:
>roflmao literal quantity over quality. What does it matter if you have
>200 weapons and 100 maps when there's no decent gameplay to support
>A breath of fresh air from the AAA game? You make budget indie devs
>working with flash from 10 years ago look good

"budget indie devs" sounds alot like "souless wagie fool who has managed to scam himself out of even a decent paycheque".

We, have no budget. We have time. And the gameplay is fine. You probably hate modular and semi-modular synths too.

We do it for love, we do it for life;
while your boss, lies with your wife.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
ChaosEsqueTeam Creator

>And you continue to leave a new comment in the process every time, making it look like you're talking to yourself - I don't mind.

>Who's we btw? You're the only one replying. Do you have multiple personality disorder?

"we", ofcourse, is the Team.

>Beautiful post, should paste it in the mod description.
>Learn to code? You first.

We know how to code. We even know how to program... but that is perhaps not necessary for much of this work. I wonder how much of it is koding vs Pro-grammar-ing...

Reply Good karma+1 vote
ChaosEsqueTeam Creator

Dear FooFlinger;
Your Jun 17 2019 comment disparaging the game has been deleted. However, We notice that you referred to the game as "Game"; as if it were the only one in existence.

Example: "Soccer is complete ****"

Perhaps... in the notion that the game is the sum total of the field of "games" and is thus.... simply known as... Game
... perhaps this notion of yours is correct.

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