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The latest two updates brings in spiders, jack o'lanterns, revamped mushroom sprites, and more...

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The latest updates for The True Slime King have been focused on adding the rest of the Halloween content (spiders, jack o'lanterns, and decorative leaves) as well as redoing all of the mushroom sprites because they were looking a bit too friendly and I wanted the player to know that mushrooms will kill them.

Here's a GIF showing off some of the Halloween elements that were added to the game.

2018 10 28 jackolantern 2 larg

This is a level I made to show off the mechanics of pumpkins in the game.

Here's a clip showing off the spiders, jack o'lanterns, and leaves. The jack o'lanterns have the same effect as the regular pumpkins, but they help to visually break things up.

I also finally got around to making a level and video to show off the new button blocks.

Old button sprites (left) vs new button sprites (right). The old button blocks didn't tile with each other and made the game look more blocky. The new button blocks do tile with each other, making the levels more visually appealing and easier for the player to pick out different elements within the level instead of having their vision cluttered with tons of single blocks.

2018 11 13 button blocks progres

Old mushroom sprites (top) vs new mushroom sprites (bottom). I wanted a better visually convey to the player that the mushrooms are dangerous, so I reworked the sprites, adding red coloring to some of them, and adding small spikes to all of them.

2018 11 23 09 07 25 before and a

Here are the mushrooms in an actual level.

2018 11 17 new mushrooms

Full change log for version 1.1.4

Changes and additions

  • Reworked mushroom sprites (black mushrooms, brown mushrooms, wall mushrooms, ceiling mushroom, round floating mushrooms) to better convey to the player that they are dangerous.
  • Black mushrooms and brown mushrooms now have an alternative sprite that will be automatically shown based on the x and y position of the mushrooms.
  • The achievement text now displays as white before the confetti displays, and then it turns to green once the confetti comes on screen.
  • Changed spear hitbox to better match sprite.
  • Added spears for all directions.
  • Made orange overworld access goo pile more orange and less yellow.
  • Updated breakable block sprite in level editor sidebar to match the actual breakable block sprites.
  • Reworked sprites for extender blocks.
  • Added extender blocks that go up and extender blocks that go left.
  • Reworked player push scripts to kill player rather than push player out of the way.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed issue with button blocks sometimes not tiling in quick play.
  • Made achievement confetti particles persistent objects that doesn't disappear when changing rooms.
  • When selecting a new folder in quick play, the scroll height now gets reset to the top.

Known bugs

  • Jumping on/off buttons quickly can sometimes not trigger the button.
  • The death splat doesn't work properly on buttons that are depressed.
  • The steam overlay leaves artifacts on the black bars that appear if the game window is a different aspect ratio than the game camera.

Full change log for version 1.1.3

Changes and additions

  • Added jack'o'lantern objects.
  • Added autotiling leaf foreground tiles.
  • Added spider object.

Known bugs

  • The death splat doesn't work properly on buttons that are depressed.
  • The steam overlay leaves artifacts on the black bars that appear if the game window is a different aspect ratio than the game camera.
  • There is an issues that causes the button blocks to sometimes not tile in quick play even though they tile in the level editor.

Im sure Id be terrible at this game but I love the way it looks.

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Josh_Penn-Pierson Author

Thanks! Picking up the controls is pretty easy, but mastering them is a bit tricky. Dying a lot is all just part of the learning process though :D

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