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The move the Unity 5 has been a great one, inspired more progress to be made!

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So, it's been a while since any update have been posted on this page however university life had gotten busier and busier leading up to and after Christmas. But now I have more spare time to devote to this project that will become a large part of my final degree grade.

In the past couple of weeks I started out in search of a new engine that would allow for better implementation of music and sound design, this search landed me in Unity 5 with the Fungus Unity Plugin. A specifically designed asset that is at it's core designed for a more unique and complex story to be told that what was allowed in the Ren'Py engine, of which required you to code everything by hand with no graphical interface.

The main limit that has been lifted is on the audio front. Audio in Fungus/Unity is easily controllable via fades, 3D sound and reverb options. This can all be done in engine instead of having to be part of the initial composition in the composing process.

Another feature that encouraged the move to Unity was the ability to build the game as WebGL. A browser based version of the game will make it far more accessible. WebGL has it's limitations, however I find the benefit of being able to easily make the game available outweighs and limits.

I can now officially add Web support to the project! More to come in the next few weeks.


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