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Post news RSS Change Log 2.1 - The Second GUI Update

We got so much positive feedback from the last GUI update we decided to give it more love. This time we included better rewards, particle efforts and doodads. There are a TON of little improvements everywhere.

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- Updated and changed more UI elements to make them cooler and easier to understand
- Added a new card for rewards with new effects with it
- Added a new Forest generation type with trees
- Changed the way the buttons look when they're pressed
- Added a Start Game Button for fun
- Added a new skin
- Challenges now uses Icons to represent lives
- When you get a skin it now presents it to you as a reward
- Changed the level generation algorithm to make better levels
- When you complete a goal, it tells you what you completed

- Fixed a bug where the new note cards would keep popping in and out quickly
- Addressed a bug that prevented pausing, and also one that stopped from unpausing
- Fixed a bug if you paused during a challenge it would fail
- Fixed a few menu-keyboard related bugs
- Stopped the players from being able to jump outside the map on a bullet
- Fixed the mailchimp button from sometimes not re-enabling
- Tinkered with level generation code in regards to:
- looking at trap placement
- spawning blocks where they need to be most
- not over-fixing an area that is already fine
- Made logs more likely to spawn on respective log based maps

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