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I show some instances of Stealth in game... and by Stealth I mean blending into bright colors like Boy George's hit single!

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I realized today I hadn't gone too deep into the stealth system. The basic idea is you have a suit that is the same color as certain objects in the level allowing you to blend into them making you effectively invisible to the enemies.

I have big dreams about choosing different suit types and colors and how that can affect the route you take in the level. However, to narrow my focus on what's really important right now for the prototype level I've stuck to one-suit type and color as I get everything functional and feeling right.


The Lean - The most straight-forward way the player can use this mechanic is by "leaning" into an object of the same color. If it's an object about your size or larger on the ground this is the type of stealth you'll end up with.


Wall Stick - This has been the main stealth type I've shown off so far. If Neon sees a sign or Poster within jumping distance he can stick to the sign much like a friendly neighborhood super-hero.


Hanging - In other circumstances where you'll need to scale along a ledge in the level you'll get this type of stealth. One thing I want to try is timed flashing light patterns so you'll have to move with the orange light in order to not be seen.

That covers all the bases for the Tokyo level. Eventually as I design other challenges I'll add other animations but over all the mechanic stays pretty much the same. When the going gets tough make like a Chameleon and disappear.

BadXFox - - 194 comments

That looks nice!

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evgenidb - - 372 comments

I suggest you test with not one but two suits. This way you can be more sure that later you could add the other suits/colors and that everything will still work after you jump from orange to, say, pink like in the first picture.

After all, sometimes it's very easy to oversimplify everything and later you'll be forced to edit big chunks of code just because you forgot or haven't thought of every little detail of the implementation.

And besides, if you have to edit the code if you change the color/suit, then you have done something terribly wrong in the OOP department. Having two sets of clothes should show you where you made mistakes pretty early on. Or you might not have made those mistakes in the first place.

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stuhp84 Author
stuhp84 - - 23 comments

You always bring up good points/ideas ev. It's definitely better to be safe then sorry. Right now I'm very happy with the stealth system but before I populate the whole level with these objects I should make super sure that the work in all the situations I'm planning.

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