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Indie developers rejoice! Asylum 7 Studios has launched a new Kickstarter campaign for their cross-platform game development API, Cgda. Cgda is similar in design to XNA, but written with C++ developers in mind.

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Cgda: Computer Game Development Architecture
A new game development API Asylum 7 Studios launched on Kickstarter on Oct 14, 2013.

The developers for Asylum 7 are returning to Kickstarter to seek funding for their latest project, Cgda: Computer Game Development Architecture. Developers familiar with the XNA framework will take a particular interest in Cgda, as it is very similar in overall layout and design. However, Cgda is not a managed API, and does not require Windows, DirectX, or .NET/Mono.

Cgda is written in C++ and is targeted at independent game developers worldwide working with nearly any platform. The API is cross platform and features OSX & Linux support, with console and mobile support planned for the future. The Kickstarter campaign features early access to alpha and beta releases, as well as access to the source code for the API itself.

About the API:
Cgda features a content pipeline, similar to the one provided by Microsoft's XNA framework, as well as a full-featured rendering system in OpenGL. The effects framework is written in GLSL, and provides similar built-in effects to XNA, yet also provides support for geometry shaders, tessellation, and compute shaders. Audio processing is done by OpenAL and exposed to developers via an XACT-style interface. Cgda also supports input via keyboard, mouse, Xbox 360 controllers, as well as a long list of other devices.

Developers can continue to use third-party libraries with Cgda, and are encouraged to do so, however, the large majority of basic tasks involved in developing a game are done for you by the framework itself, leaving the developer to focus on their game, engine, or other project.

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What license is used?

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trollbyfire Author

Cgda will be available under multiple licenses, though they are still in draft. The open source license is very similar in terms to BSD/MIT.

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Just backed!

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Thank you so much. Apologies for the late reply! We're still trying very hard to get the word out.

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