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After a few months I have decided to record some new updates, to keep you guys informed ;) Updates like new models, castle interior and new playable character! Full-plate paladin with two-handed sword = tons of damage!

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New updates!


After a few months I have decided to record some new updates, to keep you guys updated! :)

So what's new?

  • New models for castle buildings, interiors, throne room, blacksmith house, etc.. ( there will be more of them in the future).
  • I made a new character - full-plate paladin with a two-handed sword (also with he looks a bit like Walter White - yeah I'm BB fan :D)
    I have also tried to make his equipment from individual pieces. So now it's theoreticaly possible to make various sets of armor (which could be really usefull in single-player).


  • New sounds were added, like bird singing or splashing water
  • [Info about alpha] :
    Game is still not ready for release - some bugs still has to be fixed, some optimizations has to be made - so I can't really specify the release date. I hope you understand.

But enough words! Here's a promised video!

Two songs used in this video:

Sirius Beat - Greatness
Link: Youtu.be
Sirius Beat - Shadow Self
Link: Youtu.be

Pe†eR-KuN - - 1,785 comments

COOOl and AWESOME man! Definitely worth the wait! Good Luck on this man!

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Chezzlor - - 860 comments

I approve of this update. Progressive is great! Can't wait for the combat system to be full fleshed out. I keep saying it but there is potential in this project.

I just wish it's so much ahead in development. Someone needs to fund this game and give you a few experts to manage ;)

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booman - - 3,654 comments

Very nice! Love the castle and the throne room! I also love the kick to the stomach, nice animation and nice recoil.
Great lighting too, keep up the hard work!

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damianturnbull - - 126 comments

I love what you have done with the game. It just get's better and better.

I'm really looking forward to slicing up some enemies and customising my avatar with different armor sets.

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