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The newest update for Cars Incorporated brings back the tutorial and introduces the possibility to change the measurements in the game from metric to imperial/US.

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Cars Incorporated has been updated to version 0.24 today. To existing players the update will be mostly a collection of small improvements and fixed bugs from v0.23. The new features such as the tutorial are primarily targeted at new players or english-speaking players not familiar with the metric system. In the next couple of weeks another update will follow in order to add the rest or most of the rest of v0.2x features before I will start working on integrating those v0.30 features. The update 0.30 will be the biggest update so far und will be the first to increase the playable timespan.

New Features

Since the old, ugly und irritating tutorial has been removed in version 0.20 it is now time to reintroduce it in version 0.24 to offer new players an easier way into the game up to their first sold car. The new system used for the tutorial makes it easier for the players and for the author to update, change or expand it. Measurements can be a complicated thing, especially if you are not used to the units you are working with. Almost 25% of Cars Incorporated's registered players come from countries where the imperial or the american way of measurements is the way to go. Because of that v0.24 introduces the ability to switch between the metric, imperial and american systems, or to put it another way from ccm, km and l/100km to CID, mph and mpg. The only difference between imperial and american measurements lies in the consumption values (miles per gallon) as the british gallon is different from the american one.

Other changes

  • Autosave will now save the game every three months instead of once per year. Player requested
  • Input fields and numerical adjusters now allow you to change the cursor position using the arrow keys, Home and End and the deletion by using both backspace and Del. Player requested

Fixed bugs

  • Numeric adjusters trigger a screen update even if the number has been entered directly
  • Closing the game window instead of ending the game will no longer cause it to forget newly entered serial keys
  • The costs displayed for vehicle parts when putting a car together now include inflation
  • A bug causing inaccurate displays in input fields when they were 4 or more more digits long has been fixed
  • The game no longer crashes when you try to ship 0 units
  • A bug that occasionaly made it impossible to enter numbers in the personnel office has been fixed
  • Some typing errors have been fixed
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