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A landmass of a ship. New deathmatch videos. A tentative release timeline.

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Renceed brings on the big guns this week.
The primary function of the carrier is to act as a launch platform for player vehicles when there are no viable land bases in the area. Its anti-air defenses protect against enemy interdictors.






Here is the “making of” this formidable ship:

Tom Wanless is doing good work on the music composition. Here is a short teaser:

The ever-present question is: When is the game ready for alpha?
If you’ve been following our twitter account (Twitter.com) you’ll have seen developer deathmatch footage like this. The flight model is being refined and re-refined. In a week or so we plan to run a secret test with a group of gamers completely off the record and deniable by all. This will show if we have vastly miscalculated in some aspect of gameplay that we, as developers, are blind to. Once any glaring errors are fixed or brushed under the rug and cried about, we’re going to open up testing to those on our Discord channel (Discord.gg). A short time after that the public alpha should be released.

Time-frames are always a really good ways to break promises. Get on the discord channel if you want to meet us in the sky in a couple/few weeks. Otherwise follow us here, on twitter, or sign up for an email notification at Badbunch.net if you want to wait.

There is level design and a few other issues that could scupper our plans (and our release dates have already been pushed back a couple of weeks due to life's hijinks). But without goals nothing gets done. So those are ours.



nice one, sir!

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